Positive Eye Practical Approaches- Matching Bucket Resource

On another recent trip around IKEA scouting for ideas to make resources from I spied this bucket on the way to the till, I couldn’t resist its lovely bright colour and the lovely sound and cool feel of the metal … Read more


Grants to help the visually impaired

Braillers, Ipads, laptops, sensory equipment are all costly bits of kit, but very necessary for our children.  Whether it helps with development, education, language, understanding, fine motor skills, gross motor skills there as some very expensive essentials out there, in … Read more


Post Office Resource to support Numeracy, Literacy and Social Skills by Gwyn @ Positive Eye

(Note: The resource exampled here will not be suitable for every child, as each is individual. These ideas are offered to inspire you and to demonstrate that the learning opportunities are all around the child and that they don’t have … Read more


Through Scarlett’s Eyes Inspirational Member of the VI Community of the Month- Laura Hughes

With Mother’s Day nearly upon us, I thought it would be nice to hear all about a super-mum, in this months INSPIRATIONAL MEMBER OF THE VI COMMUNITY OF THE MONTH feature. Before finding out more about Laura Hughes, here we … Read more


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Through Scarlett's Eyes Facebook Feed
Through Scarletts Eyes

Absolutely wonderful day at the NBCS Easter Party Today! Scarlett and Sonny both loved the day, photos to follow! x ... See MoreSee Less

3 days ago

Through Scarletts Eyes

Our first monthly newsletter is ready to go out, its a break down of all the content created on the site each month! From personal blogs, articles, charity event promotion, the newsletter is filled with information. If you are not already a member please go to the homepage and get signed up and please sign up to our mailing list so that you can receive the newsletter! :) This is the page you will see when you click join our mailing list! ... See MoreSee Less

2 weeks ago

Through Scarlett's Eyes Twitter Feed
Through Scarlett's Eyes Twitter Feed
Through Scarlett's Eyes is supported by VICTA, Visually Impaired Children Taking Action. VICTA improves the lives of blind and partially sighted children and young people.

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