Love Literacy- Practical Approaches Positive Outcomes Conference


“I do believe something very magical can happen when you read a good book” J.K Rowling

We invite you to be our guest as we turn the page and dive into the wonderful world of literacy in what promises to be a fun filled informative learning experience for all

Discover how you can spark a child’s imagination for literacy with a series of exciting, creative workshops and keynote speeches

Learn through practical approaches how to inspire children with the power of literacy

This year the conference is truly international: we welcome distinguished practitioners from both sides of the Atlantic, ready to share their ideas and knowledge

Keynote speeches

 ‘A lifelong love of literacy’Anne Lomas – Head of Sensory Service, Bradford

 The UK Learning Media Assessment’ Dr. Steve McCall – honorary Senior Lecturer, School of Education, University of Birmingham


A Viewpoint from America

Collaboration: Bringing Literacy to Life through a Team Approach’ Charlotte Cushman – Perkins School for the Blind, USA


A Viewpoint from Parents

Can you read with your nose?Charlotte Mellor – Through Scarlett’s Eyes, and Karen Newell – Playful Explorations for Children with Visual Impairments


Workshops include

 ‘Eat my words’   ‘Tools for the task’    ‘What’s in your bag today Miss?  ‘A bucket, a box, a basket’‘Supporting a love for literacy’

‘Re-learning Literacy – Late to Braille? You can still love it!’


Attend a Tactile Book making party hosted- Sandy Kenrick, Mom of Liam, USA

Share your resources in the Literacy Bonanza

To find out more and to download the booking form

 Booking Deadline – 1st June 2016

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