To fight or not? That is the question.

When things in life become tough, you have to make decisions that will create a huge impact on your life or on the lives of your children. As parents doing the right thing is so important, when you have a child that is capable of helping with those decisions it can make the situation a whole lot easier to both achieve and contend with. We as a family have had to deal with a lot over the past year and a half, making choices, dealing with tantrums and tears, but most of all finding and realising that family comes first … Read more

The toughest decision ever made by Charlie Beeston

After his visit and assessment at New College Worcester, it was a hard decision to be made. Do I or Don’t I? Leaving it until after Christmas to make sure that he thinks it through thoroughly. There have been tears and endless talks as to what is right or wrong. You may think, leave the decision for an 11 year old to make, well, why not, he’s mature enough to make his own mind up, we can only guide and advise as best we can. Charlie is quite capable of knowing his own mind, it works properly, its his eyes … Read more

Charlies visit to New College Blind School @Worcester

Hi all again, just a further update on Charlie’s future, well we had an amazing visit to New College Blind School in Worcester the other week, we as Charlie’s parents were very impressed with the place, it had everything in place for his needs and education. We came away thinking WOW! What could Charlie achieve here. Charlie was invited for a four say assessment to see if it was right for him as it means boarding midweek and coming home for weekends it was a decision that we had to let Charlie make on his own. Well he went and … Read more

Living with a sight impairment.

Hi all, let me introduce myself and my family. My name is Christina Beeston and I am married to Tony. We have 3 fantastic children Ryan, 14 Charlie,11 and Tamyra 10. We live in Lincoln, we are a very close family and enjoy spending time together and exploring things. We try to make things better when things get tough and look upon life as you should every day at a time.         Okay here goes, Growing up as a child for me was really tough, I struggled with my sight, my parents were told that I would … Read more