Positive Eye Practical Approaches- Initial letter sound drawers

You will need: Set of drawers (from Hobbycraft, the Range, or any other Home base store) Printed sticky labels with letters/Braille contractions and numbers for each drawer Objects to fit in each box Card labels to match the object to the label in Braille/print How to make: Label each drawer with an initial letter sound or Braille contraction. Turn the box around and label the other end with a number Find objects with each of the phonic or initial letter sounds and add to each drawer Make card labels with print/Braille How to use: Child can: Place correct objects in … Read more

A fun activity with speech bubbles and speech marks!

On a recent trip to IKEA to source resources for Positive Eye, I spotted this fun speech bubble which is sold as a notice board. I thought it would make a fun backdrop for teaching speechmarks and secondly it may make a fun resource for working on the emotion conveyed through voice tone. Also speech bubbles are a visual feature of many books, they are an abstract concept. This bright green speech bubble brings it into the concrete understanding! You could also make a large speech bubble out of thick card. Here are my ideas for its use. Speechmark activities … Read more

Positive Eye Practical Approaches- Matching Bucket Resource

On another recent trip around IKEA scouting for ideas to make resources from I spied this bucket on the way to the till, I couldn’t resist its lovely bright colour and the lovely sound and cool feel of the metal and added it to my already bursting basket of other goodies! It has lots of opportunities for learning and development, so simple, inexpensive, but can be used in so many ways. Remember to maximise the learning opportunities, milk them for all their worth, keep it fun, reinforce, reinforce, reinforce and keep it concrete, concrete, concrete!!! You will need: • 1 … Read more

Post Office Resource to support Numeracy, Literacy and Social Skills by Gwyn @ Positive Eye

(Note: The resource exampled here will not be suitable for every child, as each is individual. These ideas are offered to inspire you and to demonstrate that the learning opportunities are all around the child and that they don’t have to cost a lot. These ideas are offered as suggestions only.) The main point to remember is to maximise the learning opportunities in every activity and milk each one for what its worth – keep it concrete, concrete, concrete and reinforce, reinforce, reinforce, and have fun, fun, fun ! This resource provides a wealth of rich learning opportunities and a … Read more

Practical Ideas and Suggestions to support early concept development

In the child’s early development and throughout their education,  understanding concepts is key to supporting their learning. Here I would like to share some top tips for supporting concept development, together with some fun and creative ideas which are in your cupboards and in your environment! The best place to start when supporting the development of concepts. Top Tip: Provide real objects, concrete experience of places, activities, processes Allow time and opportunity: To explore and find out not just what things are, but also what they do To explore what the objects, processes, activities feel like using fingers, hands, feet, … Read more

A Fun Facial Expression Game with a Lazy Sue

  Here is a fun idea from Positive Eye which uses a Lazy Sue from IKEA, it makes a great creative resource and lends itself to a wealth of possibilities for supporting the development of the Braille code, literacy, numeracy and social skills. It would be a lovely game to play with all the family, interactive and fun and one that everyone can join in with. You can make up your own rules of the game, this is offered as a guide only and an idea to inspire you. You will need: I Lazy Sue from IKEA £5.50 http://www.ikea.com/gb/en/catalog/products/90074483/ 1 … Read more

Some fun ideas using a multi purpose hanger from IKEA

  Some fun ideas using a multi-purpose hanger from IKEA! Children with Visual Impairment benefit from a rich hands on concrete approach. Often the best resources to support your child’s learning and development are around you in your home and local environment. Here I share some fun ideas based on using a hanger from IKEA. It’s real purpose is as a scarf hanger, but I was very excited as I made my purchase as I realised the many ways it could be used with children, both in the early years through into primary. The following ideas are offered as suggestions … Read more