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The 12 Apps of Christmas- a list of reccomended apps for children who have a visual impairment

Hello everybody. I hope you’re all well and have had a great year. I’ve been asked by Charlotte to write another short article giving twelve of the best accessible apps that are currently available for Apple iOS devices. There are of course apps for Android devices too, but as I’m not a trainer for Android devices and don’t have specific knowledge about them I’m afraid I’m unable to give any meaningful advice or opinions about them. I can however give some guidance regarding apps for Apple devices, so here are the apps I’ve chosen for this year. All of them … Read more

Christmas Hanger, how to encourage festive learning- by Gwyn from Positive Eye

In this video by Gwyn from Positive Eye she demonstrates to us how a Ikea hanger can be quickly and easily adapted to encourage learning, and how a festive theme can be added to help children develop the concept of Christmas. Positive Eye provides educational consultancy and training for professionals working with children and young people with visual impairment.

Christmas Spinner – Festive game for your child who is visually impaired and the whole family- by Gwyn from Positive Eye

Nothing says Christmas more than fun filled family nights around the dining table playing board games.  In this video submitted by Gwyn from Positive Eye she demonstrates how we can use an Ikea Lazy Sue which can be easily adapted to create a festive themed game which can be enjoyed not only by the child who has a visual impairment but also something that the whole family can get involved with. Recordable sound pegs, an Ikea Lazy Sue and lots of imagination this game which is quickly and easily created can provide hours of fun and also lots of learning … Read more

Festive education- Creative literacy and numeracy ideas on the theme of ‘Frozen’

Creating a holistic approach based on a theme or story enables children who are visually impaired to access and enjoy literacy and numeracy activities in a meaningful way. The film ‘Frozen’ has been tremendously popular with many children. The following are accessible, creative, fun ideas and suggestions to bring the story alive and to make it meaningful for children with visual impairments. The ideas offer a starting point and can all be adapted to suit the individual visual needs of the child you are working with. Frozen Story Bucket, Ice Palace and Marshmallow Snow Monster You need: Plastic bucket Bucket … Read more

Tactile Accessible and Scented Greetings Cards by Lynn Cox

  Hi my name is Lynn Cox I am a visually impaired artist who designs hand crafted tactile scented greetings cards for all occasions I also make custom greetings cards to order. This year my collection of designs for the festive season has grown to 6! They are Christmas Tree – shows an outline of a Christmas tree in pot in a colourful textured yarn complete with sparkling hanging decorations and star at top. Stocking card depicts a fun pointy stocking with pom pom and glittery diamante diamond shapes, candy and presents are shown coming out of the top of the stocking, produced … Read more

Ideas for making elf on the shelf accessible for children with a visual impairment

It is the time of year when all of Santa’s little helpers are scouting homes to find out who is being naughty or nice! If you are planning to bring an elf to your shelf this year have a look at our list of ideas for making it fun for everyone in the family and to include little ones who are blind or partially sighted in the magic. If you try any of them out make sure you let us know how you get on, we will be sharing a few picture too in December.   Jingle the bells! Strings of … Read more

Christmas Basket of Magic- by Gwyn from Positive Eye

In this wonderful video provided by Gwyn from Positive Eye she shows us how to make a festive themed treasure basket.  Christmas is a very sensory time of year with all the exciting textures smells sights and sounds.  Treasure baskets are used as an effective learning tool by many teachers of the visual impaired. Treasure Baskets are particularly relevant for babies and young children who have a vision impairment (VI) because they can offer a range of direct hands-on sensory experiences. It is a simple, fun and very effective way of enriching the early experiences of children with VI and … Read more

The Through Scarlett’s Eyes 12 Days of Christmas Song!

It is time for our final 12 Days of Christmas post – a special song and video which I’ve been working on which really encompasses everything I love about Christmas. Lots of people who have helped and supported Through Scarlett’s Eyes from the beginning have helped to make this possible so thank you to all the people who sent me footage and images of them or their children. Gwyneth McCormack, Karen Newell, Emma Knight, Megan Tate Paul, Tabatha Tabby Mitchell, Jo Fishwick, Kristy Hooper, Kate Clark, Sarah Murray, VICTA, Tracie Tappenden, Megan Rogers, Chris Reddington, Carla Danielle, Chris Clark, Iain Murray, Jane Bartlett, Jane Ring, Eileen Finch and Paula … Read more

The Christmas Spinner! A fun accessible game for the whole family

This is day ten of the ’12 days of Christmas’ event on Through Scarlett’s Eyes. This is the second post by Gwyn McCormack from Positive Eye and once again she has given a festive injection to an old favourite. Christmas is a great time of year to all huddle around as a family and play games.  This game is accessible to your child who is VI and the whole family!