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The Blind Children UK annual Christmas Party

Sometimes we have to travel far and wide to attend the events charities hold for our children so I was completely over joyed to find that Blind Children UK were hosting a Christmas Party just 10 minutes down the road from my house! Held at the Chill Factor in Manchester, the snowy themed event was absolutely perfect for myself Scarlett and Sonny, and it has a real ‘Christmassy’ feeling about the whole thing, I was looking forward to getting out of the rain and drizzle and into the action packed snowy backdrop to the Blind Children UK Christmas party. From … Read more

12 months of adventure

What a wonderful year at VICTA! Thank you to everyone who joined us in 2015, we look forward to meeting more new families next year. Here is a snapshot of what we have been up to…   January We were all hands on deck finalising plans for the year ahead and welcomed some new young people to an activity taster day in Milton Keynes.   February Our young people took to the trees at our activity based youth weekend set in stunning Thetford Forest.   March We were thrilled to launch our first ever Spring family weekend giving even more families the opportunity to come and join the fun!   April … Read more

Scarlett’s 15 highlights of the year 2015

This has been a wonderful year for Scarlett in terms of her development, her involvement in school spirit and many fabulous opportunities that have been presented to her. It is easy to forget how far they come, what great they have had chance to be part of and the great adventures they have led. I created a similar post to this last Christmas and I will continue to do one for her each year, and when she is older we can look back and celebrate all that her life has been. She may never get to admire a photo album … Read more

Wheelie Santa – #ToyLikeMe

Wheelie Santa Becomes Most Popular Design Submission on Lego Ideas Platform as Parents Flood Site to Vote A model of a wheelchair-using Santa and Christmas Fairy becomes the most popular design on Lego Ideas platform just days after being uploaded by journalist and co-founder of #ToyLikeMe, Rebecca Atkinson. The design entitled Christmas Wands ‘n’ Wheels, which features wheelchair and white cane using mini figures quickly started gathering votes, overtaking Lego Jeep, Rocket and Vintage Tram designs to become the most popular design of the week, after parents of disabled children flooded to the site to support the idea. “There are … Read more

Lynn Cox Wishes you a Tactile and Scented Christmas with her Greetings Cards

I’m a visually impaired Artist, Coach and Trainer whose work is based around making the world more inclusive to those, like myself, who can’t see that well. As a background, I lost most of my useful sight in my late teens. As a child I could see relatively well to read, with a magnifying glass, but couldn’t recognize faces and could easily walk past my best friend without saying hello. At 17 the inevitable happened and I lost my reading vision completely within a few weeks. Fortunately, I had learnt Braille six months earlier and was competent on a computer … Read more

Festive Braille Biscuits!

I am not really one for baking, but I am certainly one for introducing Braille to my little girl in a creative way.  Scarlett is a massive fan of biscuits, it is one of the primary words in her vocabulary and every day after school she marches in repeating biscuit over and over.  So I have used this festive season to include braille in such a way that will truly resonate with my little girl.  I have found there is more motivation when Braille is applied to meaningful things to Scarlett, such as when her favourite items have been braille … Read more

When Scarlett met Rudolph

Since Scarlett has been attending a school that has a sensory diet in place to assist her with her sensory processing disorder I have seen a marked improvement in her willingness to explore objects with her hands.  This was always a massive barrier to Scarletts learning and development so I am very thankful that she is beginning to make progress in this area. Her main love of Christmas is centered around the songs, she just adores all the jolly music pouring out of the shops, in school and at home.  She regularly requests Christmas and I think this is partly … Read more

12 accessible apps to load up your child’s Ipad up with this Christmas

By James Goldsworthy As we all know there are literally thousands of third party apps out there for smart phones and tablets, but sadly very few of them are actually accessible to those of us who are visually impaired and rely on using screen reading technology to operate our devices. I’ve been asked by the Through Scarlett’s Eyes team to write a short article giving some of the best accessible apps that are currently available for Apple iOS devices. There are of course apps for Android devices too, but as I’m not a trainer for Android devices and don’t have … Read more