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Bully information and advice sheet

If your child is experiencing bullying it can be a very traumatic time not only in their life but also yours.  Here is a resource sheet compiling all the useful information from across the world wide web that may be of assistance to you when thinking how to tackle such a sensitive subject. Young peoples perspectives: This blog is from a young lady who has been a part of the education system in many different ways, from mainstream, grammar, university and specialist VI Megan discusses her varying experiences within each institution.  This is a great positive post about the problems … Read more

Bullying Hell – a story by Elizabeth Legg

My daughter is VI, she is blind (left eye) and has 4/60 in her right on a good day. She was in mainstream school and was bullIed all the way through for about 8 years. The last 18 months of her schooling in secondary school she was physically attacked 5 times on two occasions the police was involved and a student was arrested. The last occasion she was hit in the arm quite hard and it left bruises by a year 11 girl who took a dislike to Jamie for the way her eyes wobble. (She has nystagmus quite bad). … Read more

Dealing with Bullying

What is bullying? The Anti-Bullying Alliance defines bullying as ‘the repetitive, intentional hurting of one person by another, or by a group, where the relationship involves an imbalance of power.  Bullying can be carried out physically,  verbally, emotionally or through cyberspace.’ It leads to an outcome which is always painful and/or distresses. Bullying is often aimed at people who are different, for example because of race, religion, disability or sexuality. Disabled children may also experience forms of bullying like: Manipulative bullying:  where a person is controlling someone conditional friendship:  where a child thinks someone is being their friend but times … Read more