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12 accessible apps to load up your child’s Ipad up with this Christmas

By James Goldsworthy As we all know there are literally thousands of third party apps out there for smart phones and tablets, but sadly very few of them are actually accessible to those of us who are visually impaired and rely on using screen reading technology to operate our devices. I’ve been asked by the Through Scarlett’s Eyes team to write a short article giving some of the best accessible apps that are currently available for Apple iOS devices. There are of course apps for Android devices too, but as I’m not a trainer for Android devices and don’t have … Read more

UK’s first online Visual Impairment Awareness Training

The first Visual Impairment awareness training course which can be taken online or through distance learning has been launched by Christopher Grange Visual Rehabilitation Centre. The course, designed by the professional team of rehabilitation specialists, volunteers and service users is for anyone who may come into contact with a person who is visually impaired – as a customer, service user or student – and aims to provide the learner with the confidence to offer effective support. The 11 modules, with exercises and questions, take people through the facts and figures about sight problems, discuss some of the myths and realities … Read more


BAUM Retec (UK) Ltd is part of the BAUM Retec AG group of companies, and we are a world leader in innovation and design of assistive technology products for blind and visually impaired people. BAUM Retec (UK) is the exclusive importer and distributor for BAUM products in the UK & Ireland, and our products include: VisioBook and VisioDesk portable video magnifiers and VarioUltra portable 20 or 40 cell Braille display and Notetaker. Exhibiting at Sight Village events, has greatly assisted our business in reaching more customers, making more sales and most important to us, is having happy customers with their … Read more

Sight and Sound – Sight Village sponsors

What do we care about at Sight and Sound? We care about making a difference to our customers, specifically through knowledge, care, and understanding and this is why we exhibit at Sight Village five times a year. Sight Village we find is the best time to hone our understanding. Being on the other side of a telephone or a computer for the majority of our customer interactions we find Sight Village a great opportunity to get as many of our team out as possible to meet and greet the people they are talking to and helping everyday. Talking first hand … Read more

The History of Sight Village

Sight Village, now in its 23rd year, started with our flagship event in Birmingham.  Originally taking place in a couple of rooms at Queen Alexandra College, it quickly outgrew the campus and, after a couple of years, the event moved to a larger venue where it continues to be the largest event of its kind in the UK. In 2009, at the request of the exhibitors, we held our first event in London, the following year we added Scotland to our calendar.  Our roadshow events now take place in five cities across the UK each year. Sight Village continues to … Read more

Giving them little paws some much needed sensory feedback!

Scarlett is a BANGER, not a tapper, patter or a knocker she uses the palm of her hand and a massive amount of brute force to bang all that her little exploratory mitts come into contact with. I am going to be honest… this relentless obsession with Scarlett’s banging has been pretty much the bain of my existence.  I tried everything to make it stop, it kept me up all night, it has got her in trouble when she has been out and about in public and bless my poor neighbour’s heart, he cheered with joy when Scarlett’s metal bed … Read more

One mummy’s fight to get Braillers for all children who need them!

United States based website Wonderbaby.org and Perkins recently teamed up the UK’s very own RNIB to send one SMART Brailler out to six children across the United Kingdom to try out!  Each family will host the brailler in their home for two weeks so they can play with it and find out if it’s right for them and their child. When the two weeks are up they’ll send it off to the next family. During this tour children Ronan, Lily-Grace, Leo, Fynnley, Anna, Lennie were each visited by the Smart Brailler and the families of the children documented their child’s … Read more

A dummies guide to Assistive Technology for the Visually Impaired

Walk into any of the major exhibitions of assistive technology for the visually impaired in this country and you will be met with a confusing array of what at first glance can look like a large number of similar products. The following article aims to dispel some of this confusion.    Assistive technology for the visually impaired can be  broken down into various categories or types of product some of which are computer based and some aren’t. Let’s look at the computer based products first. These come in broadly four types, software which magnifies the text on the screen, that … Read more

Wonderbaby.org Light Aid Deal- Want to get this piece of equiptment at a discounted price?

For a limited time, Perkins Products is offering the SMART Brailler® at 20% off (USA ONLY) and the LightAide™ at 10% off! (INCLUDING UK!) Just use promo code “SMART20” when ordering the SMART Brailler and “LIGHT10” when ordering the LightAide. (some restrictions apply) “LightAide, a vibrant new teaching tool for people with low vision and cognitive disabilities, displays colorful, engaging LED light sequences. Its dynamic scope of fun activities range from turn-taking, color identification, and basic math to complex literacy practice, providing a bright, enriching experience for learners of all ages.” http://www.lightaide.com/ “The SMART Brailler® is built upon the Perkins Next Generation Brailler and features a … Read more

Seeing without sight – creative writing by Megan Paul

Light And Sight In the beginning, God’s first problem was darkness and so he created light. Light travels faster than sound. This is why you see lightning before you hear the thunder. ‘We feared the heartlessness of human beings, all of whom are born blind, few of whom ever learn to see.’ (Ben Okri) Visual impairments can be caused by a wide range of eye conditions and complications with brain functioning. If we imagine blindness to be represented by the colour black and full sight as white, most visually impaired people are a shade of grey. All my life I … Read more