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Competition – It’s Your Story!

Write your story and get your book published by Access2books An invitation to become a budding writer! We are excited to launch this competition to write an accessible children’s picture story book. We are asking parents or guardians to team up with their child (who is the reason for their interest in Through Scarlett’s Eyes) to help them write a story. The book can be up to 400 words, should be funny and should include your child in the story! Entrants will also need to supply a front cover design which illustrates the main characters and story line. There are three age categories for children (with the help … Read more

Audio described comics for visually impaired people!

My name is Guy Hasson. I am the CEO of New Worlds Comics, and I just launched a digital comic book store for the visually impaired and the blind. The store is called Comics Empower, and can be found here: http://comicsempower.com/ There are no doubt kids, teens, and adults who would love to have the comic book experience and can’t. Comics Empower is for them.     Comic books for the visually impaired – what does that mean? Here we go: ‣ The comic books are in audio form. Each panel and page are described in a way that doesn’t … Read more

Developing a Love for Reading

Ronan has finally taken a liking to books, but it has been a long road. The first book Ronan would even consider was one from the Usbourne Noisy Book series, called “The Little Children’s Music Book.” It has buttons on the right margin that play short melodies with different instruments with the final button bringing them all together for a short rift. While I do not think this book was intended for 1 year olds, the good quality music recordings caught Ronan’s attention. Ronan’s second book was the “Wheels on the Bus” from igloobooks. It had a single button in … Read more

ClearVision Children’s Library

ClearVision Children’s Library ClearVision is a charity which runs a postal lending library of children’s books. All our books are dual format, with the print and braille together on the page so braille reading children can read with sighted family and friends, and braille reading adults can share stories –including the pictures!- with sighted children. It’s a great way to share bedtime stories and support your child’s literacy. Our collection includes novelty board books for babies, to get them reaching out, exploring the page and enjoying books early, whether they’re ultimately going to be a braille reader or not. We have … Read more

A Guide Book at Last: Reach Out and Teach

When Ronan was first diagnosed with his eye condition, we looked everywhere for a guide. We read blogs and contacted parents, and of course, experienced things first hand. After a year, we feel much more confident as parents of a blind child. Having reached this stage, we came across the following book which we had wished we had since day 1 — Reach Out and Teach: Helping Your Child Who is Visually Impaired Learn and Grow. While it is not cheap, it was worth the investment. You may also be able to borrow if from your QTVI if you’ve got … Read more