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Disability Awareness Training with the Beavers!

With Sonny’s Beaver Troop working towards their Disability Awareness Badge, I thought it would be a great opportunity to teach them about all things visual impairment. Raising awareness early I feel should be the first port of call and the best way to eradicate any stigma attached to disabilities. It is especially helpful in children of such a young age as it can help form the fundamentals of their belief system. When planning my session I found a very helpful post from the Wonderbaby website that looked at teaching about blindness in sighted classrooms, if you would like to read … Read more

How my parents support me and my vision impairment- by Elin @myblurredworld

My name is Elin, I am a 19-year-old student and blogger from North Wales. I was diagnosed with a degenerative eye condition called Retinitis Pigmentosa (RP) at the age of six and have since been diagnosed with another condition called Optic Disc Drusen shortly following my 19th birthday. I was registered blind/severely sight impaired when I was twelve years old and my vision has deteriorated drastically over the years meaning I have very little remaining vision to this day. One of my main goals in life is to raise as much awareness as possible surrounding the topic of vision impairment. … Read more

Parenting: VI Edition- By Grace Marsh

A few weeks after I was born – the long-awaited first child of a couple in their late twenties – my family realised that my eyes weren’t focusing on objects or people, and instantly began to worry. My mother in particular was stressed to the point of hair loss (everything other than her lashes fell out!), distraught at the prospect of having a child with a then unknown disability or illness. She lost weight and struggled immensely with stress and anxiety. Yet, here we are around seventeen years on; I lost what residual vision I did have three years ago, and … Read more

Sunflower Race Results

We would like to thank everyone who took part in #scarlettssunflower this year!  We’ve had some wonderful photographs taken and sent in from around the country and we would like to announce the Alma and Sophie Dawson as this years winners 🙂 Congratulations and your prize will be on its way to you soon!

Creative Story Bucket Challenge- ‘We’re Going on a Windy Leaf Hunt’- by Sensory Education and Support Team, Lincolnshire.

Introduction: We discussed the story bucket challenge with our VI colleagues. We decided to create a theme bucket rather than a single story. Initially we planned seasons and weather, however as the subject is vast we needed a skip rather than a bucket for all the resources! This bucket is intended to cover autumn and wind. Our intention is to create further buckets to cover other seasons and types weather. Materials: Bucket. Bucket apron. Soft toy forest animals. Books- ‘We’re going on a leaf hunt’ by Steve Metzger, Wind book – by Carol Thompson (both from wordery website). Selection of … Read more

Creative Story Buckets 2017 ‘We’re Going on a Polar Bear Hunt’ By Sélène Hinton, Carlton Digby School

Introduction This story bucket is based on a sensory story from the Twinkl website. It follows the pattern of the popular story ‘We’re going on a bear hunt’ but with a polar bear theme. The obstacles involve sensory experiences which encourage pupils with PMLD and SLD (including those with visual impairment) to communicate.     Materials: Chime bells for the ‘uh-oh’ bit before each obstacle. A drum for the ‘we’re going on a bear hunt’ bit. Crackling foot spray and sculpting bath foam for a ‘snow drift’ experience. Fluffy snow balls and trays of insta-snow for the ‘snow storm’. Ice cubes … Read more

Real life Batman visited Bristol

A very exciting event happened this weekend;
World Access for the Blind President and Lead Perceptual Navigation Instructor Daniel Kish aka ‘Real Life Batman’ is on assignment in the UK and visited Bristol for two days, beginning Sunday, March 12 at 12 Noon.

 Families with blind or low-vision children were welcome to attend to meet and participate in a walk with Daniel to learn more about WAFTB’s FlashSonar™ Echolocation and pioneering full-length navigation cane techniques.

 Daniel Kish, a man who is completely blind and lost sight as a baby has become a pioneer in teaching blind or partially sighted children a new … Read more

Top tips and advice for visiting London with a young person who is visually impaired

London, the United Kingdom’s capital. The largest city in the UK covering 607 square miles and home to 8.63 million people and seeped in attractions and great things to see – there is never a dull moment. With its bustling city streets London is the home of many of the UK’s major attractions such as Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, the O2 Dome, London Eye, Nelson’s Column, the London Underground, Tower Bridge, The Natural History Museum, St. Paul’s Cathedral and the Palace of Westminster to name but a few. Here are some recommendations for you to do if you are visiting London … Read more

MACS- the UK’s national charity for children born without eyes or with underdeveloped eyes.

MACS started life in 1993 as a small support group run by, and for, parents whose children were born with Anophthalmia, Microphthalmia and/ or Coloboma. These terms mean that the eye/s are missing, or are small and underdeveloped. Approximately 80 to 90 affected children are born in the UK every year and MACS – as the UK’s only charity supporting people with these specific conditions – has grown in response. Despite this, we’ve stayed true to our roots, continuing to place the needs of our community at the core of all that we do. Impact on sight can vary greatly. … Read more

British Wireless for the Blind Fund- Keeping blind people in touch with the world

Visually impaired children can benefit from audio equipment which has been specially adapted for easier use by those with sight loss. National charity British Wireless for the Blind Fund (BWBF) provides a range of radios on free loan to visually impaired people who meet its criteria. Recipients need to be over the age of eight, registered blind or partially sighted and in receipt of a means-tested benefit. The equipment is also available to purchase from the charity’s marketing arm BWBF Direct if the criteria is not met, and a VAT exemption applies for anyone who is registered blind or partially … Read more