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When Fred met Flora

Ever since my friend, Rebecca had been matched with her guide dog we have been trying to meet up. Following on from Fred’s visit to the guide dog breeding centre, he was very keen to meet Flora. The day arrived; we were London bound to meet my ‘original’ mummy friend and children aka the Bloomsbury Babes. It was one of those days where you get four seasons weather in one hour. Flora was nervous at the thunder, Fred waited patiently eating ice cream. The kids didn’t mind they were dancing in the paddling pool in the rain, remaking those memories … Read more

Desks and Dog beds: Our visit to the Guide Dogs Breeding Centre

I have a confession; I am not a doggy person. We never had pets when I was growing up and I used to cross the road if I saw a dog on the same side as me. I was really apprehensive around them, so my mum told me they could sense fear so if I had to pass one I would whisper to myself “ I love dogs I love dogs” so they didn’t smell the fear. Luckily for Fred he seems not to have inherited this apprehension, in fact quite the opposite – he is drawn to dogs and … Read more

Fred’s Story- By Mummy Karen :)

Our journey began in London where both Fred (who has a severe visual impairment) and Eva who is six in the summer, were born. Fred being a second child I was pretty relaxed about the six week check. Yes he is feeding, yes he is growing…but I did have a niggling worry about his eye focus. Our GP listened and shared my concern about his wobbly eyes and then BAM! The wheels were set in motion. Roller coaster ride begins! The next day we were seen at the UCH eye clinic, the next month we were seen at Great Ormond … Read more