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Making a Spring Tree

We have invited spring into our home with an Easter tree! We cut a branch of the prettiest smelling blossom we could find (with permission!), and then made our own base using plastic cups, stones from the garden and tin foil. You can let your imagination run will with your decorations, we brought some good value chicks and eggs from a local craft shop and made good use of our glue gun. The kids made the plans for the decoration but of course a grown-up will need to use the hot glue gun. We plan to add to it with pressed … Read more

Night, Night with Perkins Panda

A goodnight story is ingrained in me as something that a parent does with their child. However, Ronan has resisted any book and would always close the book if one tried to read it. Christmas brought Perkins Panda to our house and that goodnight story to our bedtime routine. Perkins Panda is a series of three books along with a matching stuffed bear (or rather Panda). His nobbly nose can be felt in the first book as well as on the bear. The second book keeps Ronan busy getting him to fill up Perkin’s backpack with accoutrements for a picnic … Read more

Creating textured eggs with a child who is blind

With Easter time looming this gives plenty of opportunity to create some multi sensory themed textured eggs.  There are masses of ideas on the internet to creat not only textured eggs but noisy ones too, here is mine and Scarlett’s textured eggs project:     What you need: Plastic or fake foam eggs (much easier to work with than real) Gems Stickers Pipe cleaners Fury material Feathers Rice Pasta Bird Food How to create: For the purposes of our textured eggs project I decided I wanted to incorporate an additional learning element, so when I decorated the eggs I made … Read more

Scarlett’s Sunflower Race 2017

We had so much fun with our sunflower race last year and are excited to be launching it once again. We will be measuring our sunflowers slightly differently this year by comparing their height with a set series of household items. All will be revealed when you receive your entry packs! We will be asking you to share your photos once your flower reaches each of the marker heights. The sunflower to reach the final marker first will be victorious! There will be a prize for the winner and also some runners up treats for the families who share the most photos. … Read more

Accessible Science Outings

Inspired by British Science Week we have been scouring the internet for accessible Science Centres for young people who are blind or partially sighted and their families. We found a few events which sound fantastic, such as special events at the Science Museum in London. We also a few venues which didn’t offer a lot of information online for visitors with a visual impairment. Here is our summary of what we found, please add any we have missed in the comments or let us know if you have visited any of the mentioned venues and what you thought! It would also … Read more

Changing states: Oobleck slime

Selecting one appropriate from list of experiments available from the British Science Week website, I decided something that involved getting her hands messy would be a good start! Messy play that is not only Scientific but also very valuable for children who have complex needs like Scarlett.  If you would like to read more about the benefits of messy play please click here to read the article provided by Janet Harewood, head of services. Today myself and Scarlett looked at changing states and made some very messy slime!   What you need: Large mixing bowl/tray Cornflour Water Food colouring (optional) … Read more

Through Scarletts Eyes Science Bonanza

To celebrate British Science Week 10th-19th March 2017 myself Scarlett and Sonny are planning to take part by completing some of the experiments that have been suggested in the websites downloadable activity packs. Due to Scarlett having no useful vision and development delay and her love of touching things that are messy and musical we have picked two slime based activities to do: But there is a whole host of other activities for you to take part in and it would be great if you could get involved with the Through Scarlett’s Eyes Science Bonanza!

Imogen and her Magical Cane

To celebrate World Book Day we wanted to share with you this beautiful book written by Imogen James, one of the winners of the ‘It’s your story’ competition with Access2books. Imogen’s magical story about a little girl who finds magic in the world through her rainbow spreading cane called ‘snowball’ has now been produced as an accessible book for families to enjoy. Snowball helps Imogen to find an amazing object which leads her on a big adventure! The book has been published by Access2Books in dual large 75 point print and Braille (including picture descriptions) format, there are also beautiful … Read more

Top tips and advice for visiting London with a young person who is visually impaired

London, the United Kingdom’s capital. The largest city in the UK covering 607 square miles and home to 8.63 million people and seeped in attractions and great things to see – there is never a dull moment. With its bustling city streets London is the home of many of the UK’s major attractions such as Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, the O2 Dome, London Eye, Nelson’s Column, the London Underground, Tower Bridge, The Natural History Museum, St. Paul’s Cathedral and the Palace of Westminster to name but a few. Here are some recommendations for you to do if you are visiting London … Read more

Cane out in the big bad world- my fear of public reaction

Scarlett and her journey to use her white cane, or as I like to refer to it, the magic wand of independence started out when she was very young.  I am sure all of you can identify with the post diagnosis buzz words, google searches, YouTube videos, advice from services and one that I can always recall being reiterated over and over was the cane!  So from very early on the cane became part of the furniture in our home.  We were both very lucky that Scarlett was provided with a mobility officer from very early on, and I believe … Read more