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Toy Like Me Campaign

“Where are the blind fairies, wheelchair using pirates, superheroes with hearing aids, princesses with facial disfigurements?” As I was tidying up, I mean wading through what felt like a never ending sea of plastic, wood and noise emitting toys; my good friends words (above) were echoing through my head. My children have a wide array of toys, but it is true although Fred has lots of toys to help his development, none of them look like him! None of them come with the accessories he may use, a long cane, a guide dog or glasses. So I immediately used all … Read more

Dealing with Bullying

What is bullying? The Anti-Bullying Alliance defines bullying as ‘the repetitive, intentional hurting of one person by another, or by a group, where the relationship involves an imbalance of power.  Bullying can be carried out physically,  verbally, emotionally or through cyberspace.’ It leads to an outcome which is always painful and/or distresses. Bullying is often aimed at people who are different, for example because of race, religion, disability or sexuality. Disabled children may also experience forms of bullying like: Manipulative bullying:  where a person is controlling someone conditional friendship:  where a child thinks someone is being their friend but times … Read more

Blind Children UK Family Weekend- Vision Hotel Windemere

On the weekend of the 12th June Scarlett, Sonny and I were invited along to the Blind Children UK Family weekend, although I have attended events held by this charity in the past this was our first full weekend of action packed fun! Aimed specifically at families with newly diagnosed children, this event gave families and their children the chance to all come together, make friends and chat with some great professionals who are employed by Blind Children UK to assist parent’s through the minefield of raising visually impaired children. There were a plethora of great staff members who held … Read more

The day the world just got too much

Hey all! It has been a while since my last post so firstly I would like to apologise for my lack of presence. I recently wrote about how I was experiencing mental struggles with regards to resilience and teaching it to my blind daughter Scarlett.  I was inundated with responses from parents who offered such kind words and support.  So I would like to thank all the people who took the time to give me advice and empathy, what you all said really made sense and I found lots of solace in it. Emotionally, I was at such an unstable … Read more

Resilient- How can I teach it, if I can’t be it?

I am on a constant quest to bash through mental barriers, sometimes I can be plagued by them, other days I’m like a lean mean mental barrier bashing machine.  I try hard to ensure that my perspective gives me the best possible view of the world and try to see beauty in everything, or view negativity with compassion.  Its not easy, detaching, letting go of things that aren’t good for us or investing time in what is great for us.  I’m constantly growing and there will be no end result, just trying to make the next day better than the … Read more


43% of children with a vision impairment have been bullied at school Verbal and physical abuse of children with sight loss a common occurrence in the playground Nearly half of parents admit they would not invite a child who is blind or partially sighted to a play date or party New research from Blind Children UK, a leading charity for children and young people with sight loss, has revealed that children with sight loss are encountering an alarming level of prejudice amongst both their peers and, perhaps more disturbingly, adults too.The study, entitled “Parents and the playground: a study of … Read more

Inspirational Member of the VI Community of the month! Interview with mummy Jane Ring

Hi Jane, thank you for agreeing to take part, can you first start by introducing us to you and your family…. age, location, family members etc. My name is Jane Ring, I live in Exeter with my husband Neil, our beautiful six year old daughter Chloe and our three legged cat Giggsy. Chloe is our only child as sadly we cannot have any more.   Can you tell me more about the wonderful Chloe? Chloe is unique as she was born profoundly deaf and severely sight impaired. She has a type of LCA- Leber’s Congenital Amaurosis (rod and cone dystrophy) … Read more

My daughter, the beautiful piece of abstract art!

During a late night conversation with a friend about matters of intrigue and why certain people can catch your attention.  Using the comparison of people and abstract art as a metaphor we discussed the inner desire of humans to ‘work something out’.  Rather than the blatant ‘THIS is what I am about’, abstract art requires an open mind and leaves things open to interpretation.  Enter the painting and see where it takes you! Scarlett’s abilities to win the hearts of everyone she meets is a truly remarkable quality.  Always affectionate and fun, Scarlett can turn the hardest hearts soft.  I … Read more

Living with a sight impairment.

Hi all, let me introduce myself and my family. My name is Christina Beeston and I am married to Tony. We have 3 fantastic children Ryan, 14 Charlie,11 and Tamyra 10. We live in Lincoln, we are a very close family and enjoy spending time together and exploring things. We try to make things better when things get tough and look upon life as you should every day at a time.         Okay here goes, Growing up as a child for me was really tough, I struggled with my sight, my parents were told that I would … Read more

Elle’s story – The transition from Primary to Secondary

Well, two days in and Elle has been using a Bunsen Burner in Science! In Scotland the education system is a bit different, the cut off date for entry to school is the end of February, and so kids start school at age 4 and a half, no younger. They spend 7 years in Primary and between 4 and 6 years in Secondary. Elle has just made that big transition from Primary School to “The Academy”. It might not seem unusual, to be using a Bunsen Burner in Science at the grand old age of 11, but Elle is completely … Read more