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Creative Story Bucket Challenge- ‘We’re Going on a Windy Leaf Hunt’- by Sensory Education and Support Team, Lincolnshire.

Introduction: We discussed the story bucket challenge with our VI colleagues. We decided to create a theme bucket rather than a single story. Initially we planned seasons and weather, however as the subject is vast we needed a skip rather than a bucket for all the resources! This bucket is intended to cover autumn and wind. Our intention is to create further buckets to cover other seasons and types weather. Materials: Bucket. Bucket apron. Soft toy forest animals. Books- ‘We’re going on a leaf hunt’ by Steve Metzger, Wind book – by Carol Thompson (both from wordery website). Selection of … Read more

Creative Story Buckets 2017 ‘We’re Going on a Polar Bear Hunt’ By Sélène Hinton, Carlton Digby School

Introduction This story bucket is based on a sensory story from the Twinkl website. It follows the pattern of the popular story ‘We’re going on a bear hunt’ but with a polar bear theme. The obstacles involve sensory experiences which encourage pupils with PMLD and SLD (including those with visual impairment) to communicate.     Materials: Chime bells for the ‘uh-oh’ bit before each obstacle. A drum for the ‘we’re going on a bear hunt’ bit. Crackling foot spray and sculpting bath foam for a ‘snow drift’ experience. Fluffy snow balls and trays of insta-snow for the ‘snow storm’. Ice cubes … Read more

The Orange Juice-ness of Orange Juice

About two months ago we attended VICTA’s Early Years Weekend at New College Worcester. We had the opportunity to attend a workshop by Gwyn of Positive Eye. She spent a lot of time talking about and demonstrating how you get the -ness of an object: the spoon-ness of spoon or the shoe-ness of shoe. I spent the last month pondering how we could do this with Ronan. As much as Ronan loves playing with the world – flushing the toilet, turning on the washing machine, climbing up and down his chair – it is hard to engage him in more structured, … Read more

Christmas Hanger, how to encourage festive learning- by Gwyn from Positive Eye

In this video by Gwyn from Positive Eye she demonstrates to us how a Ikea hanger can be quickly and easily adapted to encourage learning, and how a festive theme can be added to help children develop the concept of Christmas. Positive Eye provides educational consultancy and training for professionals working with children and young people with visual impairment.

Christmas Spinner – Festive game for your child who is visually impaired and the whole family- by Gwyn from Positive Eye

Nothing says Christmas more than fun filled family nights around the dining table playing board games.  In this video submitted by Gwyn from Positive Eye she demonstrates how we can use an Ikea Lazy Sue which can be easily adapted to create a festive themed game which can be enjoyed not only by the child who has a visual impairment but also something that the whole family can get involved with. Recordable sound pegs, an Ikea Lazy Sue and lots of imagination this game which is quickly and easily created can provide hours of fun and also lots of learning … Read more

Festive education- Creative literacy and numeracy ideas on the theme of ‘Frozen’

Creating a holistic approach based on a theme or story enables children who are visually impaired to access and enjoy literacy and numeracy activities in a meaningful way. The film ‘Frozen’ has been tremendously popular with many children. The following are accessible, creative, fun ideas and suggestions to bring the story alive and to make it meaningful for children with visual impairments. The ideas offer a starting point and can all be adapted to suit the individual visual needs of the child you are working with. Frozen Story Bucket, Ice Palace and Marshmallow Snow Monster You need: Plastic bucket Bucket … Read more

Christmas Basket of Magic- by Gwyn from Positive Eye

In this wonderful video provided by Gwyn from Positive Eye she shows us how to make a festive themed treasure basket.  Christmas is a very sensory time of year with all the exciting textures smells sights and sounds.  Treasure baskets are used as an effective learning tool by many teachers of the visual impaired. Treasure Baskets are particularly relevant for babies and young children who have a vision impairment (VI) because they can offer a range of direct hands-on sensory experiences. It is a simple, fun and very effective way of enriching the early experiences of children with VI and … Read more


Positive Eye, the expert in providing training and resources for teachers of children with visual impairment, has developed a brand new product, Positive Looking 2. This comprehensive resource is a companion to the hugely successful Positive Looking 1, its flagship programme which helps to enhance learning and support the development of visual skills in children from birth upwards. Positive Looking is an easy to use guide that offers a comprehensive framework which any practitioner can follow to help grow the child’s abilities and accurately track progress. It is widely used throughout the UK and internationally and its simple directions and … Read more

My quest to become a Braille master- Taking the first big step

Okay, so in this blog post I am going to share with you, how I FINALLY managed to get off the ground with actually fully applying myself to be able to read Braille. Firstly, I would like to detail the things that were holding me back in the hope that other parents can identify with them.  It is a great feeling when you finally start on something that you have wished to do for a long time, I suppose I can equate it to not doing any physical form of exercise for a long, long time.  It is like when … Read more

Top Access Tips: Practical Science- by Gwyneth McKormack from Positive Eye

This post provided by Gwyneth McCormack from Positive Eye, a UK based Educational and Training Consultancy for professionals who work with children with a visual impairment. Gwyn’s Top Tips! Use contrasting equipment in bright colours where possible. Use bright colour paint to highlight the edges of equipment. A set of scratch free equipment kept specifically on a tray for the child’s use, ensures access is as good as possible. Also this saves time in child collecting all the equipment and enables a prompt start to the exercise. An empty tray with lip for child to work on, also makes equipment … Read more