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The Royal National College for the blind

The Royal National College for the blind The UK’s leading specialist residential college of further education for people with a visual impairment RNC is proud to offer a range of courses at various levels to both students aged 16 to 25 and adult trainees aged 18 to 65. Discover how we help people who are visually impaired move into Higher Education, employment or self-employment. Contact us today to arrange a visit. Call us to arrange a personalised tour on 01432 376 621 or email info@rnc.ac.uk Facebook www.facebook.com/RNCHereford Twitter @RNC_Hereford

Poll Results! What type of school are you sending your child too?

Thank you to everyone who took part in the poll to see what type of provision we as parents are choosing for our children. The results are in!   1. Mainstream school 58.3% 2. Specialist VI school 8.3% 3. Mainstream school with a VI resource base 16.7% 4. Special Educational Need school (none VI) 12.5% 4. Home schooling 0% 5. Other 4.2% Over half of the parents who took part in our survey have chose to send their children to mainstream school, do this surprise you?  Education and especially the support children receive within a mainstream setting seems to be causing a lot of concern for parents. … Read more

Back to school!

My son, Leo is 7 and has just spent a number of months out of school. Leo had faced a number of issues in mainstream school and at no fault to the school, his social and emotional needs were not being met, he wasn’t happy and really struggled being the only visually impaired child in the school. Because of this I set about looking for a specialist school or school with a visual impairment resource based attached. After visiting a number of schools across the country I found a mainstream school with a VI resource base that I felt was … Read more

Top Access Tips: Creating an accessible classroom environment (non-sighted)

(The following is offered as a general guideline only – your child may require further or different specific strategies to meet their need) Environment/Storage Keep a predictable and consistent classroom environment Provide an easily accessible location for the child/young person to work in. E.g. desk near to the door or to power supply, whilst ensuring the location doesn’t isolate the child/young person Resources, drawers and displays labelled with Braille or objects of reference or tactile marker Provide additional space at child’s desk for equipment, Braille papers etc. Storage space for folders/equipment  in classroom   Language Say child/young person’s name first … Read more

Mera’s nursery get a glimpse of her world

At nursery Mera had few incidents where the children jumped on her cane, there were a lot of questions around Mera and her cane and her 1:1 assistant. The school decided at the assembly to give the children the opportunity to know Mera’s world better. Mera had a visit from Lorna and her guide dog it was a lovely visit, all the children were interested ready to listen and asked lots of questions. Some were brave and tried the cane blind folded. Mera was so happy to meet Mac the guide dog we weren’t sure how she’s going to react. … Read more

The toughest decision ever made by Charlie Beeston

After his visit and assessment at New College Worcester, it was a hard decision to be made. Do I or Don’t I? Leaving it until after Christmas to make sure that he thinks it through thoroughly. There have been tears and endless talks as to what is right or wrong. You may think, leave the decision for an 11 year old to make, well, why not, he’s mature enough to make his own mind up, we can only guide and advise as best we can. Charlie is quite capable of knowing his own mind, it works properly, its his eyes … Read more

Storytelling the Steiner Way

ThreeLittlePigs2 Ronan has recently started at the Cambridge Steiner School in their Parent and Child group for children under 2.5 years. We were drawn to Steiner philosophy of teaching as it is by nature multi-sensory and therefore well suited to a blind child. An important part of Steiner education is storytelling. Stories are told repeatedly to allow the child to really imbibe the vocabulary and cultural concepts that it contains. We wanted to tried this approach with Ronan, to provide an additional activity to reading books which did not require Ronan to be stationary. We started with The Three Little Pigs. Little … Read more

How the outside world views your VI child

In this blog I write about the public perception of your child.  Ignorance and the discriminating view of a mind lacking in compassion or just plain stupidty… there is always an certain snigger, facial expression, comment that can consume you with an inner sadness.  It goes completely against what you have spent the duration of your child’s life trying to teach them about humanity; so why does this ignorance, an rigid view of a member of the ‘pubic’ cut so hard? When this situation arises there is one bit of advice that I constantly follow myself which helps me wipe … Read more

Charlies visit to New College Blind School @Worcester

Hi all again, just a further update on Charlie’s future, well we had an amazing visit to New College Blind School in Worcester the other week, we as Charlie’s parents were very impressed with the place, it had everything in place for his needs and education. We came away thinking WOW! What could Charlie achieve here. Charlie was invited for a four say assessment to see if it was right for him as it means boarding midweek and coming home for weekends it was a decision that we had to let Charlie make on his own. Well he went and … Read more

Elle’s story – The transition from Primary to Secondary

Well, two days in and Elle has been using a Bunsen Burner in Science! In Scotland the education system is a bit different, the cut off date for entry to school is the end of February, and so kids start school at age 4 and a half, no younger. They spend 7 years in Primary and between 4 and 6 years in Secondary. Elle has just made that big transition from Primary School to “The Academy”. It might not seem unusual, to be using a Bunsen Burner in Science at the grand old age of 11, but Elle is completely … Read more