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Scarlett and her new school: What a difference a week makes

My daughter Scarlett has flown the nest, (sob sob). Well that might be slightly dramatic, she has entered the world of full time education. I have previously written about my choice to go with an SEN school, and after her first tremendous week I am even more sure that the setting I have chosen is the school for my girl. Accompanied on the taxi journey by a very well experienced and kind P.A, Scarlett liked Aileen instantly, first hurdle crossed.  Jolly and not afraid to get stuck in, Scarlett was laying the wet ones on her P.A before she had … Read more

Decision Confirmed- Scarlett’s first school visit and why I went with a SEN school

Today was Scarlett’s visit to her new school for September, and I am delighted to confirm that any doubts in my mind were squashed! The SEN versus mainstream debate has weighed heavy on my mind, I really think instilling social inclusion values from an early age is important and when I have talked with many parents about there where’s and the why’s there seems to be a consensus towards mainstream. I had always hoped that would be Scarlett’s educational route and even placed her in a private nursery at a very young age to prepare her for this. As well … Read more

“Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans.”

As a mum to a toddler, I have many concerns over schooling for Scarlett and giving her the best possible education; I can understand where other parents may be coming from and, personally, I don’t feel that it is ever too early to want to find out the options for one’s child! I personally felt I wanted Scarlett to enter the mainstream educational system as early as possible, it was my belief that the earlier she was introduced into a school setting the easier she would find it to grasp the concept of taking part in activities and certain routines. … Read more

Henshaws College in Harrogate

“At Henshaws College in Harrogate, your independence is at the heart of everything we do. Our flexible learning programmes support residential and day students aged 16 – 25 years with learning difficulties, sensory impairments and physical disabilities. We empower young people with the skills and independence they need to achieve the future they want. I was lucky enough to get to visit the college, and was delivered a wonderful tour by three students, who had nothing but wonderful things to say about the institution. Set in beautiful Harrogate, a quintessential spa town in North Yorkshire.  The college is surrounded by … Read more

Music therapy, is it a way in?

Many parents have often heard me discuss Scarlett’s great musical ability…. despite having a distinct lack of language Scarlett’s is very musical, and in terms of remembering lyrics she amazes me everyday!  She also left the Educational Psychologist astonished with her ability to recall lyrics, like she has picked them out of thin air and starts to sing beautifully in tune and uses whatever she can bang the loudest to accompany her singing. I have found that lots of children with VI have a great musical ability so its not surprising that Scarlett does too, but I really want to … Read more

Positive Eye Practical Approaches January’s shared idea

Fireman Sam Story Bucket This is a simple idea which is not dissimilar to the idea of story bags. However, I think children will love this bucket and it is an inclusive resource which would enhance other children’s literacy access too. It is really important to use real objects whenever possible, they offer more meaning than plastic toys, however sometimes using a plastic toy is the only option in place of the real object, e.g. the fire engine! Try and find a good model with some working parts to add to the child’s exploration and enjoyment during the story. Fireman … Read more

Through Scarlett’s Eyes Inspirational Members of the VI Community of the month.

The first time contacted Gwyn McCormack from Positive Eye, the feature this month, was when  Scarlett was very very young and via a very lengthy phone conversation! Scarlett was initially assigned a QTVI, who was very lovely and keen to help, but was new to the field, had yet to complete some of her qualifications and really lacked experience.  I was brimming with questions, so desperate to seek advice and guidance and she passed on Gwyn’s details, as someone I could potentially contact to get some of the answers I was perilously searching for. After agreeing to chat with me on … Read more

Scarlett’s Education Journey so far!

So, it is in full swing, the journey to get Scarlett the best education to support her needs,  to help her develop and help guide her through the path to flourishing into a beautiful, bright, determined, happy young lady! Her statementing process has began, its a shame really, I didn’t realise I had to orchestrate the process so realistically it could have been in place a year ago and Scarlett’s needs would have being better met. Not being one to dwell and despite the issues I have with her current nursery I am sure I would have still picked for … Read more

A bit about me, a bit about VIT.

I came up with the idea of a performing arts company for the VI during a University research module. As a visually impaired person myself, I want to give others the opportunity to gain the positive benefit that being active in performing arts can have. I was born in 1994 with a congenital condition called Congenital stationary night blindness or CSNB. I started school at the age of 3 at Shawgrove School in Greater Manchester. it was a great school that was sadly shut down shortly after I left. It was an SEN school that catered for the VI. I … Read more

To VI School or not to VI School? That is the question….

The time is looming, Scarlett is going through the statementing process within her mainstream nursery that she has attended since she was 18 months old. I have to start making some decisions regarding what school will best cater to her needs. I always dreamed that Scarlett would attend mainstream school, local to us, and with all her cousins and brother. She has a great amount of support from the VI team, but I just don’t think that setting will be able to provide her with the education and academic support she’ll need to bring her ‘up to speed’ with other … Read more