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Accessible Science Outings

Inspired by British Science Week we have been scouring the internet for accessible Science Centres for young people who are blind or partially sighted and their families. We found a few events which sound fantastic, such as special events at the Science Museum in London. We also a few venues which didn’t offer a lot of information online for visitors with a visual impairment. Here is our summary of what we found, please add any we have missed in the comments or let us know if you have visited any of the mentioned venues and what you thought! It would also … Read more

Changing states: Oobleck slime

Selecting one appropriate from list of experiments available from the British Science Week website, I decided something that involved getting her hands messy would be a good start! Messy play that is not only Scientific but also very valuable for children who have complex needs like Scarlett.  If you would like to read more about the benefits of messy play please click here to read the article provided by Janet Harewood, head of services. Today myself and Scarlett looked at changing states and made some very messy slime!   What you need: Large mixing bowl/tray Cornflour Water Food colouring (optional) … Read more