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VICTA Early Years Weekend 2015

Everyone at VICTA would like to thank all the families and professionals who attended our Early Years Weekend and made it such a fantastic experience. It was a busy couple of days combining play, presentations and family workshops. The children were stars in the creche and were soon busy playing giving their parents the chance to get the most out of the talks provided. On the Sunday it was family time with bouncy castles, African drumming, swimming and a rebound therapy workshop. We hope everyone enjoyed and benefited from the weekend in some way, we look forward to seeing you all again soon on future VICTA … Read more

Visually impaired toddler toy and recreation information pack

Play and recreation are key to children in the early years.  Children learn through play and  toys are very much designed to be aesthetically interesting, which in turn generates an interest to engage with the toy.  It is important to promote hands on or kenetic learning with a child who has a visual impairment.  Also, you must consider a full sensory experience for the child and make sure you incorporate activities or toys which are stimulating to the other senses.  The skills that are learnt through play can be transferred to other aspects of the child’s life and can help … Read more

Messy play – Why is it important and what are the best ways to introduce it

‘Messy’ play is something which should be an enjoyable, fun experience for toddlers and is an important part of learning. It helps to develop fine motor skills, understanding of the world through investigation and problem solving, language and social skills and also importantly can be good fun! It doesn’t have to be expensive, much can be done using everyday household items and adapting toys such as stacker cups for pouring and measuring etc. Messy play plays a significant part in the nursery curriculum. It can be a great multi-sensory experience, however, for some children with a visual impairment, it can … Read more