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Museo Tiflologico, Madrid (Typhological Museum or the “Touch and See Museum”)

Last week we visited a fantastic, small museum in Madrid, Spain. It is run by ONCE, the National Organisation of the Blind in Spain. My son is nine years old and was born blind, with light perception only. Despite our best efforts, calling ahead etc, museums are often rather demoralizing and frustrating places for him to visit. Consisting mostly of smooth glass panels behind which, people assure him, are lots of very interesting things, none of which he can experience. We usually find the best touching options in the museum shop. This museum is different. It is set up for … Read more

Why I volunteer and the difference it has made to my life – By Tom Norton

I’m Tom, 28 years old and live in Loughborough, Leicestershire. I started volunteering with VICTA about 6 years ago and have been on their trips as a young person for about 8 years. During this time I’ve volunteered at a huge variety of activities and events, from supporting toddlers at a 0-5s weekend to a 10 day trip to Latvia with 18-25s. I’ve done a lot with VICTA and they have done a huge amount for me – I can go as far as to say I might not have my current job without the experience I gained with them … Read more

Audio described comics for visually impaired people!

My name is Guy Hasson. I am the CEO of New Worlds Comics, and I just launched a digital comic book store for the visually impaired and the blind. The store is called Comics Empower, and can be found here: http://comicsempower.com/ There are no doubt kids, teens, and adults who would love to have the comic book experience and can’t. Comics Empower is for them.     Comic books for the visually impaired – what does that mean? Here we go: ‣ The comic books are in audio form. Each panel and page are described in a way that doesn’t … Read more

Toy Like Me Campaign

“Where are the blind fairies, wheelchair using pirates, superheroes with hearing aids, princesses with facial disfigurements?” As I was tidying up, I mean wading through what felt like a never ending sea of plastic, wood and noise emitting toys; my good friends words (above) were echoing through my head. My children have a wide array of toys, but it is true although Fred has lots of toys to help his development, none of them look like him! None of them come with the accessories he may use, a long cane, a guide dog or glasses. So I immediately used all … Read more

House as therapy toy

Ronan, like many blind children, needs the world made available to him to encourage normal development. Children at play develop mobility, hand grasp, and cognitive skills. As blind children have a different development path because of how the environment becomes available to them, they often need extra encouragement to engage in development activities. The various professionals involved in Ronan’s development have set us many tasks throughout the last year: opening and closing lids, twisting off tops, putting a single puzzle piece into a form, or matching textures. Ronan has never been one for playing with toys and he certainly does … Read more

Talking Photo Albums- talkingproducts.com

This post is about a great product that myself and Scarlett’s school have been using to help develop tactile skills and introduce Braille. There is a variety of uses for this great product to assist people with visual impairments. Talking Photo Albums allow for 6 minutes of recording time to accompany the images. A really useful product to help people stay independent.   FEATURES: 20 pages in a ‘flip style’ Album. Each of the 20 pages will hold a single 5×7″ Photo or Image, (125x175mm). Record a separate voice message on each page using the built-in microphone. Total recording time: 6 … Read more

Attending Swimming Lessons

Swimming is good for all children, but came particularly recommended by our physiotherapist for developing strength and posture.We had hoped to take Ronan swimming from six weeks old, but the multiple surgeries he had made this not possible. We started taking Ronan to the pool around 16 months. He loved jumping up and down and playing row row row your boat. We did not do much more than that. In September, we started proper swimming lessons. Niki was taught the swim position and from there things moved quickly. They practiced jumping into the pool and swimming around to hold onto … Read more

Nuzzlets Farm- Places that go that extra mile

Environment is key when taking a trip out with a child with additional disabilities.  There are no guidelines for environmental factors, each factor is determined by the child and how they respond to the world. I have wrote previously about how different places have affected my daughter in the past and how sometimes tailor made activities for children who have a sight problem can add that element of sensitivity which increases the days enjoyment. At the end of the summer I had the pleasure of an invite by website author, fellow mummy to VI child Fred and friend Karen Newell … Read more

Sensory Theme Based Activity – Toys

Here are some ideas and suggestions for supporting your child to explore the world of Toys! Tactile   Use toys which move, have sound, have an element of surprise. Squeaky toys, Jack in the box, puppets, mechanical toys, bendy toys, musical toys, wind up toys. Use glitter balls, balls of different sizes, fluorescent balls, to roll on child’s tray. Use spinning tops, yo –yo’s, (use ones with sound and light.) Use laser beams with flashing lights. Feel different toys – fluffy animal toys, Lego people, dolls, action man, toy cars, planes, buses etc. Have a toy’s tea party. Make cornflake … Read more