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My life as a 20 year old living with a visual impairment – By Holly Tuke

My name is Holly and I am 20 years old. I am registered as severely sight impaired, I have the eye condition Retinopathy of Prematurity (ROP) due to the fact that I was born at 24 weeks. I am currently at university studying Children, young people and families in the hope to work in the sight loss field when I graduate. I am currently a volunteer for Action for Blind/RNIB and also LOOK-UK and have volunteered with many charities over the last few years including ones in my local area. I run my own blog called Life of a Blind … Read more

How I began my journey as a VICTA volunteer- By Alex Walters

Way back in 2011 my friend Phil asked if I’d come along and volunteer at a charity weekend he was organising.  His idea was that once work had finished for the day, we could have some beers and a catch up.  So I agreed to come along, with all I knew about VICTA being that it was a charity that worked with visually impaired children and their families, and beyond that having no idea what to expect. I arrived in Swindon on a rainy morning and got a taxi to an outdoor activity centre – this didn’t look like it … Read more

Why I volunteer and the difference it has made to my life – By Tom Norton

I’m Tom, 28 years old and live in Loughborough, Leicestershire. I started volunteering with VICTA about 6 years ago and have been on their trips as a young person for about 8 years. During this time I’ve volunteered at a huge variety of activities and events, from supporting toddlers at a 0-5s weekend to a 10 day trip to Latvia with 18-25s. I’ve done a lot with VICTA and they have done a huge amount for me – I can go as far as to say I might not have my current job without the experience I gained with them … Read more

What a lovely smile- a creative writing piece by Megan Paul

  In the Shop I Come forward, the counter’s just in front of you. Thanks a lot. You have a lovely smile.   On the Bus I Would your dog like some biscuits? That’s very kind, but no thank you. But they’re cat biscuits.   On the Street I You’re doing really well, walking along on your own. Thanks. You too.   On My First Day At Secondary School Do you have other disabled students here? Disabled students? Of course not, we’re a grammar school.   On the Street II Do you want any help? Can you see if I’ve … Read more

The power of voice: How to teach your child to self advocate by Holly Scott-Gardner

Education can be a very confusing setting for parents of children who are just diagnosed. You probably have lots of questions, like can a blind person really fully participate in school? Will they ever be able to achieve the same things as their peers? But most of all you probably wonder how you and the people around you can support your child. Here I hope to offer you some practical tips for managing various subjects at school and how self-advocacy, most of all will benefit your child in the future. At 16 I returned to a mainstream school environment by … Read more