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Fostering positivity and confidence in your blind child – By Holly Scott Gardner

I didn’t realise that blind people weren’t supposed to do things for a very long time. I grew up playing football, fighting my sister and reading all the books I could get my hands on. My childhood, although not perfect, was painfully ordinary in many ways. My blindness was never viewed by my parents as a tragedy, or something to worry about, it was simply another part of who I was. As far as I knew, blind adults went to university, got jobs and raised families. I had no idea that society didn’t have those kinds of expectations of us. … Read more

Mohammed ‘The Blind Journalist’ – Studying for my degree with my visual impairment

Below is an interview that was conducted with TheBlindJournalist Mohammed Salim Patel who graduated from the University Of Central Lancashire in 2015. Mohammed is registered blind and he has shared his experience as a disabled student studying for a degree. If you wish to view his blog and more of his work, go to http://theblindjournalist.blogspot.co.uk/ Q: Had you always planned on going to university? A: Ever since I was in secondary school and doing my GCSE’s I knew that one day I would go to University. It wasn’t something I thought about in detail however, I just knew that my … Read more

My life after I lost my sight at age nineteen- by Warren Wilson

So there I was stood in a small club at the age of 18 with a group of friends and my girlfriend all huddled together singing along to the Noah and the Whale song in five years time. None of us knew where we would be in five years time, but boy how our lives have changed over those five years. I was basically a normal 18 year old, I drove, I went out over the weekend, I went to Sixth Form College, I played video games and I enjoyed the occasional kick about with friends. About a year after … Read more

My life as a 20 year old living with a visual impairment – By Holly Tuke

My name is Holly and I am 20 years old. I am registered as severely sight impaired, I have the eye condition Retinopathy of Prematurity (ROP) due to the fact that I was born at 24 weeks. I am currently at university studying Children, young people and families in the hope to work in the sight loss field when I graduate. I am currently a volunteer for Action for Blind/RNIB and also LOOK-UK and have volunteered with many charities over the last few years including ones in my local area. I run my own blog called Life of a Blind … Read more

Mia May – Six months on! Update written by her Daddy Nick McDonald

So it’s been over 6 months since I updated my blog post from last year and I have finally found some time to sit down and give you all an update on how things are progressing with Mia and what’s been happening. I am going to start off with covering all the clinical bits and where we are and what’s been going on. Not long after my last post Mia was booked in to have an MRI scan as recommended by GOSH. This I can only describe as one of the worst experiences and stressful days I’ve ever had. Mia … Read more

How I began my journey as a VICTA volunteer- By Alex Walters

Way back in 2011 my friend Phil asked if I’d come along and volunteer at a charity weekend he was organising.  His idea was that once work had finished for the day, we could have some beers and a catch up.  So I agreed to come along, with all I knew about VICTA being that it was a charity that worked with visually impaired children and their families, and beyond that having no idea what to expect. I arrived in Swindon on a rainy morning and got a taxi to an outdoor activity centre – this didn’t look like it … Read more

When optimism escaped a break through

Scarlett’s speech has been my main concern over these last few years.  In the beginning as she joined in singing the nursery rhymes and as I proudly paraded her use of language in front of the community pediatrician to nods of approval, I didn’t at that moment in time think that now at aged nearly six years old that Scarlett wouldn’t be speaking fluently. I enjoy talking, explaining and articulating!  In fact I actually struggle to shut up!  So, I thought myself and Scarlett would make a perfect team.  You see verbal communication seemed like a very important exchange between … Read more

Battling for answers – My quest for the non-existent definitive.

Scarlett is five years old and in her very short life she has had a hell of a lot of things thrown at her.  At four and a half months we were told she had a problem with her vision, which in itself is an awful lot to comprehend, but some days it would be wonderful if it had just stopped there! I speak with many parents through my role of running Through Scarlett’s Eyes and it is clear that we all share one thing in common, the shockwaves following the diagnosis of a sight problem continue to plough throughout … Read more

Science week ideas for children with complex needs/multiple disabilities- by Janet Harwood

Here are a collection of ideas for Science Week suggested specifically for children with complex needs/multiple disabilities.  Before you start it is important to take these key points into consideration! Please remember to use hand UNDER hand technique if support is necessary and always err on the side of caution around certain textures/temperatures etc if you are at all unsure how your child may react.  Remember it is generally better to only use one sense at once to allow your child to process the activity and avoid distress. Make sure your child is as comfortable as possible. Allow lots of … Read more

Our Jaxon

I am Nanna to Jaxon James 18 months old, we knew at a very young age that there was a problem with his eyes, we were told in September 2015 that Jaxon was severely visually impaired and has no light perception.  He is an adorable loving little boy and has astounded us with his abilities so far, he started walking at 16 months old! His Mam Danielle is brilliant with him & treats him no differently to a sighted child I am so proud of how she has coped with everything she has faced so far.  Danielle fights his corner … Read more