Creative Story Bucket Challenge- ‘We’re Going on a Windy Leaf Hunt’- by Sensory Education and Support Team, Lincolnshire.


We discussed the story bucket challenge with our VI colleagues. We decided to create a theme bucket rather than a single story. Initially we planned seasons and weather, however as the subject is vast we needed a skip rather than a bucket for all the resources! This bucket is intended to cover autumn and wind. Our intention is to create further buckets to cover other seasons and types weather.


  • Bucket.
  • Bucket apron.
  • Soft toy forest animals.
  • Books- ‘We’re going on a leaf hunt’ by Steve Metzger, Wind book – by Carol Thompson (both from wordery website).
  • Selection of tactile autumn coloured materials.
  • Tactile outlined autumn pictures.
  • Selection of natural autumn items, e.g. conkers, bark, leaves. Bubbles.
    Small/large windmill, straws, feathers, balloons (The Range).
  • Autumn coloured voile (Dunelm).
  • Everyday initial letter objects for ‘can you find’ game. Homemade letter spinner.
  • Cardboard tubes decorated with ribbons and beads.
  • Business cards used as word cards linked to resources and stories – ebay.
  • Balloon pump
  • Wind chine
  • battery fan

Creation of the story bucket:

We researched books linked to autumn and found ‘We’re going on a leaf hunt ‘ an alternative version of the popular book ‘We’re going on a bear hunt’. We decided it linked nicely to the topic ‘wind’ so we purchased a book called ‘Wind’ as it contained lots of adjectives and simple pictures. We then collected suitable objects and resources, most of which we already had to hand, which we then used to create the colourful fun, interactive and educational bucket.
Initial letter and word recognition. Rhyming.
Enjoying the story and encourage discussion.
‘Can you find’ a game which helps to identify the first 6 braille letters (plus print). Spin the spinner, identify the letter and find the corresponding initial letter hidden in the leaves.

Experience of the actual physical leaf hunt outside, perhaps in woods or parkland
Knowledge and understanding of the world:
An understanding of where leaves come from, what happens to them, how they feel, smell, sound.

Counting leaves activity ‘Blow race’. Set the egg timer, with a partner blow colourful sweet wrappers and feathers through a straw off the end of a surface. How many can you blow in a minute? Cardboard ribbon sticks. Short/long ribbon. Counting beads 1-8.

Tactile/fine motor skills:
Recognition /matching of different leaves ‘Get crafty’. Various textured materials to create an autumn picture

Experiment to investigate what happens to leaves if they are starved of food and light. Compare with leaves that have been given light and water. Child can explore the outcome by feeling the texture of the leaves from both samples.  Various objects linked with the use of wind, e.g. windmill, fan, balloon, wind chime.


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