Grants to help the visually impaired

VICTAHeaderBraillers, Ipads, laptops, sensory equipment are all costly bits of kit, but very necessary for our children.  Whether it helps with development, education, language, understanding, fine motor skills, gross motor skills there as some very expensive essentials out there, in a world full of ever growing and changing developing technology its is hard to keep up!

The charity I work for VICTA Children, provide grants for visually impaired people up to the age of 29, for help towards equipment, subsidies trips and events.

amberLogoI have recently been awarded a grant from The Amber Trust, to help pay for Scarlett’s private music therapy sessions, at £45 per hour and the therapist might only get ten minutes of work out of her and a real lack of services provided in the area to help Scarlett in this area it has helped me out a lot.  As a single working mum raising two children I really appreciate the help.


Below are a list of charities that can help provide financial support for children with sight problems and additional disabilities.



The Florence Nightingale Trust

Considers applications from people, of all ages, who are in poor health or disabled and require medical items or services to improve their quality of life.

Florence Nightingale Aid in Sickness Trust

6 Avonmore Road


W14 8RL

t: 020 7605 4244


How to apply: someone with a medical background, a social worker, occupational therapist, Citizens Advice Bureau or other charity worker must apply on your behalf, and they can download an application form from the Florence Nightingale Aid in Sickness Trust website.

Independence at home

Provides grants to people who have a long-term illness or disability and need help towards the cost of adaptations, equipment or other things to help manage at home, and which are not available from public funds.

4th Floor, Congress House
14 Lyon Road

t: 020 8427 7929


How to apply : you will need to find someone to refer you to Independence at Home. The most usual referrers are social workers, occupational therapists, specialist nurses, health workers, or key workers from other major charities.

RL Glasspool Charity Trust

Provides grants to individuals on low incomes who are in difficult circumstances. Due to heavy demand, the trust gives most grants towards white goods and other household items. However, they do also consider grants for clothing, vocational materials and training, baby needs, travel expenses for hospital visits, plus adaptations and equipment for people with disabilities.

Saxon House (2nd Floor)

182 Hoe Street



E17 4QH

t: 020 8520 4354

How to apply : a supporting officer must make the application for you. Send a blank email to to receive an application form.

Gardner’s Trust for the Blind

Provides grants towards education, training and social welfare to people who are registered blind or partially sighted in the UK. The maximum amount that The Trust can award is £600.

117 Charterhouse Street



t: 020 7253 3757

How to apply : call or write to Miss Angela Stewart at the above address.

The League of the Helping Hand

Provides grants to people of any age with illness or disabilities. Grants are for essential household items (such as a cooker, bed, fridge or washing machine) and specialist equipment not available from statutory agencies.

The Secretary


PO Box 342

Burgess Hill

RH15 5AQ

t: 01444 236 099

How to apply : a social worker, health professional, housing support officer or charity worker must apply on your behalf. You can download the application form from the League’s website.


The ACT Foundation

Provides grants to individuals and other charities, to enhance the quality of life of people with disabilities who are in need of:

equipment – including specialised wheelchairs, mobility aids and medical equipment to assist independent living

short-term respite breaks.

Please note that the ACT Foundation will only part-fund grants; you will have to find the rest of the funding elsewhere.

The ACT Foundation – Grant Applications

61 Thames Street




t: 01753 753900,uk


How to apply: you can download an application form from the ACT website or you can enquire by email or telephone. A supporting officer does not have to complete your form.

The Jonathan Young Memorial Trust

Provides grants to people with disabilities to enable them to buy computer equipment and electronic communication aids. The Trustees meet in April and October to consider applications.

The Jonathan Young Memorial Trust

3 Hardwick Road

The Park



t: 0115 947 0493


How to apply: write a letter (there is no application form) to the Trust yourself or someone can apply on your behalf. This could be your carer, parent, or workers from a statutory or voluntary organisation. Please make sure you include the following information in your application.

Name, address, telephone number, age.

Background information about yourself.

Nature and extent of your disability, and how this affects your daily life.

The benefit you hope to derive from having a computer.

Full details of the equipment you need (a specification or quotation, plus details of any particular software you need).

Information about your financial circumstances, including how much you are able to contribute towards the cost of the equipment yourself.

If you are applying on your own behalf, please enclose a supporting letter from a social worker, doctor, teacher or other professional person.

Hi-Tech Sales and Support Service

If you are interested in a grant for specialist computer software and are finding it hard to get funding, our Hi-Tech Sales and Support Service can recommend free or low cost software that may meet your needs.

t: 0845 900 00 15 or 020 7391 2280

Grants for young people

Buttle UK

Provides grants to children under the age of 18 or vulnerable young people under 21 living independently – including young people with disabilities and in severe poverty. Buttle UK only consider grants for:

beds and bedding

white goods (cooker, fridge, freezer or washing machine)

children’s clothing

critical items and services.


: Buttle UK, Audley House, 13 Palace Street, London, SW1E 5HX

t: 020 7828 7311


Scotland: Buttle UK, PO Box 5075, Glasgow, G78 4WA

t: 01505 850437


Wales: Buttle UK, PO Box 224, Caerphilly, CF83 9EE

t: 01633 440052


How to apply: register and apply online, or request a form by email or post.

The Cambrian Educational Trust (Wales only)

Provides grants to promote education and provide care to blind and partially sighted people under 21. You must be born or resident in Wales to apply.

c/o Wales Council for the Blind

2nd Floor, Hallinans House

22 Newport Road


CF24 0TD

t: 029 2047 3954


How to apply:you can download an application form through the website or call to  request a postal form.

Family Action – Family and children

Provides grants for a variety of needs such as beds, cookers, clothing, medical adaptations, towards fuel bills, clothing and household needs. Does not give grants for rent arrears, council tax, funeral expenses, fines or expenses already covered by statutory funds.

Grants Service, Family Action

501-505 Kingsland Road


E8 4AU

t: 020 7241 7459 (2pm to 4pm, Tuesday to Thursday only)


How to apply: the charity only accepts applications during January, April, July and October, and will return any applications they receive outside these months. Someone who knows you in a professional capacity must apply on your behalf. This could be a social worker, health visitor or tenancy support worker.


Family Action 

Provides recuperative holidays for women and their children (if any) who live in greater London. The maximum grant is £600 for each family. Family Action base the awarded amount on the amount you request, your circumstances and the number of children included in the application.

Family Action must receive your application by: January for holidays from March – June; May for holidays from July – October; September for Holidays from November – February.

Grants Service, Family Action

501-505 Kingsland Road


E8 4AU

t: 020 7241 7459 (2pm to 4pm, Tuesday to Thursday only)


How to apply: you should apply at least eight weeks before your proposed holiday. Someone who knows you in a professional capacity must apply on your behalf. This could be a social worker, health visitor or tenancy support worker.


Raises money to subsidise short breaks in Bond Hotels in Blackpool and St Anne’s for those living with a disability.

120 Bond Street



t: 01253341218


How to apply:you can download an application form from Blitz’s website or call them to request one.

The Vision Charity

The Vision charity supports groups, charities and associations within the blind & visually impaired community.

It fundraises money to purchase equipment, goods or specialist services such as computer access equipment, toys and games and even minibuses.

It also supports projects which benefit the community and has recently given £10,000 to the Blind in Business charity to benefit 600 blind and visually impaired students in the UK.

The charity is currently creating a sport legacy fund to enable blind and visually impaired children an increased opportunity to participate in sport.

To apply to become a beneficiary of The Vision Charity contact Mr Larry Davis either by e-mail or telephone; 01634-682548 .

The Amber Trust

The Amber Trust funds music awards to visually impaired children aged up to 18 years.The Awards will pay for music lessons, music therapy, musical instruments, specialist music software, concert tickets and travel to muiscal events. Parents and carers are able to make direct applications by downloading an application form .Award applications are considered three times a year in mid March, mid July and mid November. Deadlines for consideration at these meetings are end of February, end of June and end of October.

In London


Provides grants to help blind and partially sighted people on low incomes maintain independence and reduce isolation (subject to criteria and typically up to £500).

BlindAid considers grants for equipment and gadgets: including talking clocks, big button phones, colour detectors, talking mobile phones, talking microwaves, contribution towards computer equipment and domestic items.

102 Bermondsey Street, London SE1 3UB

t: 020 7403 6184


How to apply: a professional (such as a social worker, occupational therapist, Citizens Advice Bureau adviser or other charity worker) must apply on your behalf.

Local charities

There are a number of independent local societies for blind and partially sighted people around the country and they may offer grants for or the loan of equipment to help you in your daily life. To find out more about your local society, call Helpline on 0303 123 9999.

Your local authority

We recommend that you always try your local Social Services department. Whether you are registered with them or not, they may be able to give you help with:

fees for residential and nursing homes

telephone installation and rental

equipment to help you in your daily life

adaptations to the home


Your local authority should also have a hardship scheme to help people on low incomes afford everyday household items. You should contact them directly to find out their qualifying criteria and how much money is available, since it varies between local authorities. The Children’s Society has an online directory of available local authority funding at you can use to check.

Your local Education Authority may also give help with equipment and transport for educational needs.


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