Independent Living Aids

Resources available to help with living independently in your own home.

Liquid Level Indicator

The Liquid Level Indicator has the ability to detect different levels of liquid. With this handy device a visually impaired person will have an audio and vibration alert to when a liquid has reached a certain level in a container. Some devices available can also offer an increased number of beeps and vibrations the closer to the top of the container the liquid gets to indicate when it is becoming full.

Talking Household Items

Talking clocks

Talking Clocks can provide the time spoken in a clear English voice. Buttons and functionality is all designed to cater for people with low vision.

Talking watches

Similar to talking clocks these devices are designed to tell you the time at the touch of a button. Appearance and clock faces are adapted to improve readability therefore making them easier to tell the time for people with low vision.

Pen Friend Audio Labeller

This product allows you to record your own self-adhesive voice label and attach to a wide range of items in and around the home, at school and at work. It can be used to label a range of household items such as food, medicine packaging and paperwork. The Pen Friend labeller also works with washable labels enabling you to label your clothes.

Talking Telephones

Talking telephones announce the buttons up on touch, to ensure you are dialing the correct number. Available in a range portable, mobile and stationary, these products are adapted for ease of use.

Talking Freeview+ HD Recorder

Watch and record your favourite Freeview TV or radio programmes and series at the touch of a button with this talking High Definition digital TV recorder. Pause and rewind live broadcasts so you’ll never miss part of your TV or radio programme.
Synthetic speech (female voice) reads all on-screen information including programme guides, all menus and your library of recorded programmes.

Talking Tin Lids

Talking tin lids are an aid developed to help you identify what’s in your cupboard. Attach them to tins, packets and other containers, then simply press the black talk button to hear your recorded message. You can record over messages as many times as possible.

Audio Description

Audio Description, also called Video Description, refers to an additional narration track intended primarily for blind and visually impaired consumers of visual media (including television and film, dance, opera, and visual art). It consists of a narrator talking through the presentation, describing what is happening on the screen or stage during the natural pauses in the audio, and sometimes during dialogue if deemed necessary.


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