Lynn Cox Wishes you a Tactile and Scented Christmas with her Greetings Cards

day4_ChristmasI’m a visually impaired Artist, Coach and Trainer whose work is based around making the world more inclusive to those, like myself, who can’t see that well.

As a background, I lost most of my useful sight in my late teens. As a child I could see relatively well to read, with a magnifying glass, but couldn’t recognize faces and could easily walk past my best friend without saying hello. At 17 the inevitable happened and I lost my reading vision completely within a few weeks. Fortunately, I had learnt Braille six months earlier and was competent on a computer with speech output, having also learnt to touch type in my early teens. My colour vision faded five or so years later at about the age of 22 and now, some 26 years on, I only have a little light and dark perception. I also know that all vision will be gone very soon.

I do think blindness is a matter of the mind as much as the eyes. Being visually impaired has been a privilege for me. I’ve learnt to make unique multi-sensory artworks, recognise the size of a room by the echo; learnt not to worry if I’ve just missed the bus which I couldn’t see waiting at the stop; I can still mentally picture any scene and not worry if I have some details wrong, and I can definitely smell out any cuisine of food from 3 metres away.

Since being a small child, I had so many people telling me I couldn’t do things because of my poor sight that I suppose I rebelled and tried to do them anyway – it’s amazing how many things you can do when you try, and you always learn something from your failures too.

I’ve based my business on these ‘Never Give Up’ and ‘make what I would like to receive’ attitudes!

This year I’ve created a number of tactile/scented Christmas cards, as I think it is so essential for everyone to enjoy a card they can appreciate. They all have Braille and Large print front and inside messages.

greeting card images

I have four designs for Christmas: Christmas tree – shows an outline of a Christmas tree in pot in a colourful textured yarn complete with sparkling hanging decorations and star at top. The Stocking card depicts a fun pointy stocking with pom pom and glittery diamante diamond shapes, candy and presents are shown coming out of the top of the stocking, produced in sparkly and textured yarns. Other cards for Christmas are The Snowflake which is a large fluffy or sparkling image that takes up the whole of the card and the Collection of Presents includes a wine bottle, rectangular present with ribbon and a barrel shaped present which again have wonderful textures and scent. All Christmas cards have scent evocative of pine needles, ginger bread and, the snowy outdoors, so evoking that Merry Christmas feel!

All cards are £6.00 ($9.50) each if you contact me directly. A set of four cards (one of each design) is £20.00 ($32.00). I also have other occasion cards starting at £5.00. Postage worldwide is free.

Autosave-File vom d-lab2/3 der AgfaPhoto GmbH

Photograph of Lynn with her guide dog.

I also make lovely Luxury Tactile Drawing Packs which allow visually impaired kids/adults to make art by sewing/drawing with textured yarns, allowing them to create independently perhaps for the first time, or to do art after not being able to do so for years.

In addition, I’m an accredited coach that specializes in working with visually impaired children/adults. Part of this work includes working with isolated visually impaired people and those wanting, or just starting, their own business’s.

I hope you like my tactile/scented cards and know someone who would appreciate a unique one-off card, as no two cards are the same – colours and textures all vary!

If you would like to order any Christmas Cards (or other occasion cards), Luxury Tactile Drawing Packs or are interested in setting some goals or working around your issues, then please contact me  +44 (0) 7818 437 651.


One thought on “Lynn Cox Wishes you a Tactile and Scented Christmas with her Greetings Cards

  1. Thank you Lynn I have really enjoyed your post and uplifting attitude! The cards look fantastic, we have chatted a little over email in the past when you kindly Brailled some business cards for us. Best of luck with the Christmas cards, Emily.

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