Making a Spring Tree

We have invited spring into our home with an Easter tree! We cut a branch of the prettiest smelling blossom we could find (with permission!), and then made our own base using plastic cups, stones from the garden and tin foil. You can let your imagination run will with your decorations, we brought some good value chicks and eggs from a local craft shop and made good use of our glue gun. The kids made the plans for the decoration but of course a grown-up will need to use the hot glue gun. We plan to add to it with pressed flowers and daisy chains. You will also find some inspiration for tactile decorations here: Creating textured eggs >

The smell of the tree in the house is amazing and it was fun to do together!

filling the cups with stones

We stacked three plastic cups and filled them with stones from the garden

Adding water to the cup

When the cup was sturdy enough we poured in some water

Sweet smelling blossom branch

We chose a sweet smelling blossom branch for our home-made vase

Foil topped vase

We topped our ‘vase’ with foil to secure the branch

bunny decoration

The foil doubles up as a handy decoration shelf

artificial flowers

We got some artificial flowers from the bargain bin at a craft shop and cut them up to make decorations

Flower twisted to make a decoration

Flower twisted to make a decoration

chicks and sparkly eggs in nest

We stuck some chicks and sparkly eggs in nests

hanging decoations

Others we attached to ribbon to hang

The finished spring tree

Our finished spring tree




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