Positive EyePositive Eye, the expert in providing training and resources for teachers of children with visual impairment, has developed a brand new product, Positive Looking 2.

This comprehensive resource is a companion to the hugely successful Positive Looking 1, its flagship programme which helps to enhance learning and support the development of visual skills in children from birth upwards.

positiveeyelogoPositive Looking is an easy to use guide that offers a comprehensive framework which any practitioner can follow to help grow the child’s abilities and accurately track progress.

It is widely used throughout the UK and internationally and its simple directions and clear structure make it suitable for use by specialist practitioners, teachers, parents and carers,
whatever their level of expertise.

While Positive Looking 1 concerns motor visual skills and optical functioning, the new complementary programme Positive Looking 2 addresses the perceptual skills which help the child make sense of the world.

Featuring an overview of visual skill development, practical ideas and activities,


Image of small plastic globe lit up

suggested goals and a framework for monitoring and evaluating progress, Positive Looking represents great value for money, enabling education authorities and service providers to set up a self-sustaining network of support for children with vision impairment.

Positive Eye Director Gwyneth McCormack says,

“We are delighted to be launching Positive Looking 2, which builds on the framework that we have established for embedding the teaching of visual skills into the everyday curriculum.

“Positive Looking 2 looks in detail at perceptual skills including discrimination, recognition, visual memory, movement and spatial awareness, but uses the same easy to understand methods of developing positive strategies to improve a child’s use of vision.

“The programmes work independently, but used together provide all the information you need to support children with visual impairment.  We like to say they enable you to enable the child.”

Both programmes can be purchased separately, but are now available together at a special price.   There is also the opportunity to book a training course with practical demonstrations.

Practitioners who have already worked with Positive Looking 2 are unanimous in their support.

M – Teacher of VI, UK, says:


‘Practitioners and families will find themselves inspired to use familiar objects in creative ways with their children and young people and guided to make observations about their development of more complex visual perception, memory and associated motor skills.’

J – Teacher of VI, UK, says:

‘Positive Looking 2 is another great Positive Eye resource… it is jam-packed with lots of information and ideas. It gives me so many suggestions of what to do to move children forward for each skill’

Teacher of VI, London, says

images-of-lots-of-small-shiny-objects‘Positive Looking 2 is a fantastic resource that has become invaluable in our service for the planning, delivery and assessment of interventions that develop children’s visual skills. This resource offers clear and concise observation points for each visual skill that we use to inform baseline assessments of children as well as evidence of progression. ‘

‘The inspirational ideas and targeted outcomes outlined in Positive Looking 2 form the interventions we deliver as a service and have been incredibly successful in promoting the development of specialist skills for children with vision impairment.’

To join in the conversation please visit Positive Looking’s Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/LovePositiveLooking/ or visit the Positive Eye website for more information and to order a copy.  www.positiveeye.co.uk


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