Positive Eye

Who are Positive Eye?

Positive Eye was established five years ago to offer a consultancy and training service to professionals and parents on meeting the educational needs of children and young people with visual impairment.

Positive Eye’s director Gwyn, has used her knowledge, experience from her time as a Qualified Teacher of Visual Impairments together with her passion and enthusiasm to develop the services that the company now offers. Gwyn has a clear understanding of inclusion from the School, Service, Child and Family perspectives.

Through Positive Eye courses, training and resources are offered which provide practically based, solution focused strategies giving the:
‘what to do’ ‘how to do it’ and ‘what to do with it’ approach.

Courses and training

Practical and bespoke training and courses are delivered across the UK and Europe to meet the individual needs of Service, parent and organisation
New On-line Creative Inclusive Classroom (available from 1st September 2013)
Membership of an on-line 1/6/12 month course programme option, will deliver training on practical creative approaches to enabling the inclusion of children and young people with visual impairment.

Product range

Positive Eye has developed a product range which is produced and published in-house. The range includes resources and guides for the professional and also some lovely simple resources that parents can use to support their child’s independence, emotional well being and social skills. Visit the online shop at www.positiveeye.co.uk/products/
Special discount of 10% on all courses and products from Positive Eye for parents/carers. Email gwyn@positiveeye.co.uk to arrange.

“Excellent, enthusiastically and well presented thank you, lots of practical ideas and fabulous resources”


How do Through Scarlett’s Eyes and Positive Eyes work together?

Although it is nice to share and speak with parents its great to get a Qualified Teacher for the Visually Impaired input and advice. Sometimes contact with your local visual impairment team can be quite limited, cuts in the budget are effecting us all! So hopefully we can help provide a little bit of what you might be missing. Positive Eye are here to help provide PARENTS and PROFESSIONALS with advice and help, things that can help improve our children’s lives.