Resources are a great way of finding out lots of lovely helpful information! I have been on a quest to discover as much great inspirational facts and information as possible!

This section will aim to look at education, mobility and orientation, sleep, activities and fun stuff, assistive technology, braille ad literacy, organisation and charities, support, toys and recreation.

Its forever growing so please watch this space and feel free to browse the information that has already been collected.


4 thoughts on “RESOURCES

  1. Im after some help if anyone can assist?
    My daughter is a full grade 2 braille user and gets through books like theres no tomorrow.
    She attends mainstream school and her one to one is currently inundated with trying to keep up with her. They currently do their own braille books (which are brilliant) but supply cannot meet demand with her one to one doing everything else at school like transcribing her everyday lessons! she needs books suitable for 8 years plus. roald dahls etc….. Anyone know if there’s any other mainstream schools in a similar situation because I’m wondering if schools that do have braille users in them could share around?
    Charlotte has lots of books that she has outgrown and they are currently just in storage and seems a shame to let them go to waste., surely we could pass these out on loan to other schools with young braille users in? Ive got no idea how many mainstream schools out there have braille users and where do they access their books? advise needed please?????

  2. Hi Christina
    Most peripatetic support services who support Braillists will do as your one to one support assistant has done and make their own.
    But there are other ways to source books. I am adding a link below which gives you details of how to obtain books in accessible format
    Or if the link doesn’t work, if you go to the RNIB website and type in Braille Books for Children this is the top one on the search list
    Also, if you ask the support assistant about Load2Learn there is a facility whereby Services or schools can access books and materials for the curriculum. The support assistant may have heard of this before but if not here is the link for this (it is all free for educational establishments)
    The other link is there is a forum if the support assistant puts a message on here for a particular book, services across the UK are really good about sharing/loaning.
    If you get stuck email me, but I think you will have success with these links. It is great to know your daughter loves to read so much
    Best wishes
    Gwyn @ Positive Eye

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