Sensory Theme Based Activity – Toys

Here are some ideas and suggestions for supporting your child to explore the world of Toys!

Matching Bucket


  • Use toys which move, have sound, have an element of surprise.
  • Squeaky toys, Jack in the box, puppets, mechanical toys, bendy toys, musical toys, wind up toys.
  • Use glitter balls, balls of different sizes, fluorescent balls, to roll on child’s tray.
  • Use spinning tops, yo –yo’s, (use ones with sound and light.)
  • Use laser beams with flashing lights.
  • Feel different toys – fluffy animal toys, Lego people, dolls, action man, toy cars, planes, buses etc.
  • Have a toy’s tea party.
  • Make cornflake crispies for tea party
  • Feel jelly for tea party
  • Blow party blowers
  • Blow bubbles.
  • Streamers blowing.
  • Use black umbrella to hang series of small toys from – e.g. bright coloured balls, fluorescent, glittery toys.
  • Use toys to encourage children to feel shapes, shape posting boxes, stacking activities, hammering activities – wooden pegs in peg board.

Bright coloured balls

(Some of these ideas would also be used in the tactile section)
  • Shine torch on toys, change colour of light, with coloured cellophane, Perspex.
  • Make jelly, cornflake crispies.
  • Make party hats for the children and the toys to wear at the party.
  • Add colourful, contrasting, textured shapes, to the hats

Tea party

  • Sound made by toys when strings pulled, buttons pressed, wound up.
  • Sounds made by musical toys.
  • Use toy musical instrument


  • Smell jelly flavour
  • Smell chocolate in Cornflake cakes, smell orange in orange juice


  • Make a story up to tell the children about each of the toys that they have invited to the tea party:

A rhyme to sing at the tea party!

Jelly On The Plate
Jelly on the plate,
Jelly on the plate.
Wibble, wobble, wibble, wobble,
Jelly on the plate.
  • Count cakes, count jellies
  • Explore shapes of cakes, shapes of hats, matching shapes and textures used on hats.
  • Sort biscuits and cakes by shape.

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