It’s Your Story – Competition Results

Budding children story authors were invited to write a book up to 400 words that includes the child and is fun to read. Entrants were also asked to supply a front cover design which illustrates the main characters and story line.

The winners of the three categories were selected by a panel made up of Su Hendra an author of children story books, Tim O’Sullivan, an author and illustrator, Charlotte Mellor, founder of Through Scarlett’s Eyes website and Eileen Finch, founder of Access2books.

Thank you to everyone who entered the competition, there was a really high standard of entries from some wonderfully creative young people! The judges really enjoyed reading all of the stories sent in and had a hard task ahead of them.

Here are the winning entries…

In the 0 to 6 years’ category

(No entries)

In the 7 to 12 years’ category

Category Winner (£25 John Lewis voucher and story book of your choice from the Access2books catalogue)
There were two joint winners in this category:

‘Imogen and her Magic Cane’ by Imogen and Lauren James
‘Samih’s Magic Cane’ by Taghred Elsanhouri and Samih Hashim

In joint second place:
‘Joe the Lift Rider’ by Jo Nicholls
‘The Adventures of Charlie Cat’ by Eliza Humphrey

In the 12 to 17 years’ category

Category Winner (£25 John Lewis voucher and story book of your choice from the Access2books catalogue) 
‘VI Resort’ by Jordan Westbrook

Overall winner

Overall winner from all categories winning a copy of their story book published by Access2books in dual format giant print with Braille and clear contrasting illustrations. A copy of the book will also be held by the British Library in London for everyone to enjoy!
There were two joint overall winners:
‘Imogen and her Magic Cane’ by Imogen and Lauren James
‘Samih’s Magic Cane’ by Taghred Elsanhouri and Samih Hashim

A huge congratulations to all of the winners and thank you to all the entrants for the hard work you put into your stories. Here are some of the judges comments on the entries:

cupcake chaosCupcake Chaos by Scarlett Humphrey
“A fun and informative tale…I’m pretty sure I could make cupcakes myself now!”
“It’s made me want to bake! There is great attention to detail in this piece”
“Scarlett used some fantastic sensory related description in this story, it was like you could almost taste the cupcake mix! Lovely happy ending where Scarlett triumphed with her culinary skills.”
“Smart story, creates pictures in my mind, smells in my nose and joy in the kitchen.”



Imogen and her magic caneImogen and her Magic Cane by Imogen and Lauren James
“For her imaginative idea and magical use of her cane. I loved her sense of adventure and discovery and would like to hear of more of her adventures, solving problems with Snowball.”
“Magical story, lovely descriptions, I could almost feel the smooth stones in the water.”
“A lovely tale, great use of imagination and I really love how she incorporated magic into the story.”
“A story you can see on screen, rainbows lights, pebbles and magic, loved it.”




Joe the Lift Rider Joe the Lift Rider by Jo Nicholls
“I loved how he found adventure in the most everyday of things, bringing wonder and excitement to what most of us take for granted.”
“I’d like to give a special mention to Joe the Lift Rider as I think their trips to lifts around the world could make a cracking story.”
“I love this story, it has an authenticity to it and does what all the best stories do – give you an insight into someone else’s world. Great story arc, I enjoyed the introduction and how the story builds into a wonderful conclusion. Thank goodness for cool, calm Joe who presses that all important button and saves the day.”
“I loved this classic save the day tale! I like how Joe portrayed himself in the story as the hero and his excitement for getting to press the alarm.”
“Sounded like a true story that was adventurous and discovered the benefits of seeing in the dark, loved it.”


The adventures of Charlie CatThe Adventures of Charlie Cat by Eliza Humphrey
“Brilliantly told story with an excellent structure. The small journey across the garden and fun recap on the way home was a delight to read.”
“I thought this was a very well written piece. Great sound effects which really brought the piece alive. Lovely, descriptive, and extremely enjoyable to read.”
“I really enjoyed Charlie Cat, she really made the character come to life in this story with the use of some beautiful description. I liked the ending where Charlie Cat ended up on Eliza’s lap after his day of adventuring.”
“An imaginative, colourful and sensory tale. Lends itself to tactile illustrations beautifully.”


The Great AdventureThe great adventure by Caitlin Leigh
“A very funny story with fantastic illustrations (especially like the dog!) Well done!”
“A lovely happy story that sucked me in! I felt like I was on the adventure too. Great illustrations.”
“A really nice story about a day out with Mum, Dad and Dusty. I enjoyed the description of Dusty shaking like a car wash.”
“Fabulous easy and bright illustrations. A warm and funny family story. I enjoyed the imaginative trigger of Dusty Dog as a carwash.”


VI ResortVI Resort by Jordan Westbrook
“Very action-packed and imaginative story – it is always good to get the girl in the end.”
“I found this rather exciting, great action, threatening atmosphere and exciting use of language.”
“This was a very exciting story indeed, love and action, Jordan really worked hard to deliver us a story full of twists and cliff-hangers! Well done Jordan.”
“A brave story, with disability issues, controversial subjects and a happy ending.”



SamihSamih’s Magic Cane by Taghred Elsanhouri and Samih Hashim
“I really enjoyed this story, an awful lot of thought and time was put into making Samih’s cane a very special item. I love the description of the ‘empathy cane’ fantastic way to describe its magical abilities.”
“A very well written story! I loved most of all that the freedom and independence the new cane brought was so magical, even before the parrot appeared. That in itself is wonderfully aspirational.”
“The description of the tree roots was excellent, the feeling of independence that the cane gave Samih really came through and I really wasn’t expecting the twist at the end of the story where the cane turns out to be magic. The nature of the canes magic could have been really predictable but it wasn’t, it was really insightful and told us even more about Samih and how he was feeling. I thoroughly enjoyed this story.”
“This is a great story with easy narrative about everyday life for a disabled child, and a parrot,  and magic and more to come I believe, I love it.”

We must also thank John Lewis Milton Keynes for providing the vouchers and all of the judges for their heart-felt feedback. A big thank you to Eileen Finch at Access2Books for organising the competition and Access2Books will also be publishing the winning book, we can’t wait to see ‘Imogen and her Magic Cane” when it is all finished!


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