Tactile sensory game to support a blind child’s visit to the farm

In my previous blog I wrote about how Scarlett and I had a private sensory tour of Nuzzlets, a small charity based in based near Great Ouseburn, York.   Nuzzlets objectives are to provide loving homes for unwanted animals, free access to young people for therapy and education and they specialise in visits for children with disabilities, special needs and life threatening illnesses.  If you would like to read more about our first visit please click here!

I wanted to maximise this learning experience for Scarlett by creating a craft project at home which can keep her time at the farm alive in her mind and reinforce the importance of using textures and sounds to identify farm animals.

So by using a variety of textures, some sticky dots, glue, paper pates and a Baille label maker I created some animal texture plates for Scarlett to enjoy exploring.


I decided to use paper plates rather than flat card as I felt the perimeter on the plates would be helpful for Scarlett not only to locate the separate plates, but also offer guidance when locating the textures.  Also, it is a great way to stack the project to be stored for future use!


The visit to Nuzzlets gave Scarlett the chance to feel a variety of animal, in a monitored environment and being exposed to animals that were more than willing to be handles, Scarlett was treated to a private farm animal sensory tour that was second to none!  If you want to read more about the visit to the farm please click here!

So here are the tactile plates and the animal textures we recreated at home!

hedgehod sheep rabbit turkey

Once I’d attached the variety of textures corresponding to the animal I added Braille labels and named the plates and the experience recreation was complete!

There are many ways in which this project can be used to help Scarlett with her learning.  Firstly, just basic exploration of the textures to begin with and as Scarlett is a fan of animal noises using these whilst she explores the plates is a great way of her building up a three dimensional image of a concept in her mind.  If you would like to incorporate the audio into a similar project a great product to use for this would be a Talking Photo Album, the audio is built into each of the pages and the book is pre-bound, if you would like to find out more about this product please click here! The pages are robust enough to attach tactile items.


Also, as awareness and understanding flourishes the tactile plates can be used in a tactile discrimination game, which can help Scarlett with her choice making skill.  It can also be used as a fun accessible game for the whole family.  Sonny has just this morning been enjoying the game!


I would love to hear about any other ways parents have further reinforced learning following trips or days out which have been organised to enrich the lives of your children!



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