Ahhh…He’s sleeping: Dealing with public perception

Ronan has very limited light perception and therefore rarely opens his eye very much. It is a common occurrence that when people see him snuggled on my back, they say, “Ahhh…He’s sleeping. How sweet.” Some people poke their heads this way and that to try and get a good look at his face so that they can reassure me that he is asleep. While I can’t see his face in this position, I know that he is not asleep because he wiggles his toes against my side and runs his hand along my arm inside our shared coat. Others say, … Read more

Ronan’s first Goalball Experience

Goalball is one of those things that I might never have heard of if we weren’t on the journey of a blind child. Goalball is a Paralympic team sport designed specifically for blind and visually impaired athletes. Participants compete in teams of three, and try to throw a ball that has bells embedded in it into the opponents’ goal. Teams alternate throwing or rolling the ball from one end of the playing area to the other, and players remain in the area of their own goal in both defence and attack. Players must use the sound of the bell to … Read more

Rockin’ Ronan: A Journey with Anophthalmia

Welcome to our blog, Rockin’ Ronan: A Journey with Anophthalmia Ronan is a happy, active little boy who keeps his parents and relatives constantly entertained — talking, laughing, or doing something silly. He also has a congenital eye condition that has led to underdeveloped eyes. He has an anophthalmic right eye socket (no eye), and a microphthalmic (small) left eye with a retinal coloboma (a cleft in the retina). He is certified as having a severe visual impairment. We are his doting parents, Cecily Morrison and Nikiforos Karamanis. Cecily Morrison works as Research Scientist and Nikiforos as an IT consultant. We … Read more