Visit to a birds of prey centre with a child who is blind

  Following on from my previous post which looked at a multi-sensory approach to developing the concept of a bird with a child who is blind and who has additional complex learning needs ‘Explaining the concept of a bird to a child that is blind – All things bird’ I finished off the bird experience with Scarlett with an Easter Holiday day out to Vale Royal Falconry to further explore birds. Prior to going to the centre I made sure I contacted ahead and explained to them what Scarlett’s needs were including her level of vision and her additional needs. … Read more

Explaining the concept of a bird to a child who is blind- ‘All things bird’

With spring finally here and new baby animals being born every day, I thought this would be a good time to work with Scarlett and an animal to help her further understand what a bird is. Last year we visited Nuzzlets therapy farm and that allowed Scarlett to explore a whole plethora of animals, so this spring time I wanted to re-visit the concept animals and go into greater detail with Scarlett about the concept of a bird. So to do this we did a number of activities which centred around birds: Bird sounds Bird songs Bird stories Bird based sensory … Read more

Creating textured eggs with a child who is blind

With Easter time looming this gives plenty of opportunity to create some multi sensory themed textured eggs.  There are masses of ideas on the internet to creat not only textured eggs but noisy ones too, here is mine and Scarlett’s textured eggs project:     What you need: Plastic or fake foam eggs (much easier to work with than real) Gems Stickers Pipe cleaners Fury material Feathers Rice Pasta Bird Food How to create: For the purposes of our textured eggs project I decided I wanted to incorporate an additional learning element, so when I decorated the eggs I made … Read more

Spring Activity – Easy Fish Wind Chime

Wind chimes are a great sensory addition to a garden or outdoor space – we wanted to make one with as little cutting, hole-drilling and sticking as possible… here is how we got on! 1. We collected up lids from shower gel, bubble bath and shampoo bottles – anything with a ready-made hole in it! We even kept the hook from a shower gel bottle to use as our wind chime hanger.    2. I asked my daughter to sort the lids into size order. Lined up they start to take shape as the fish’s body. We chose one with a … Read more

The Great Sunflower Race

To mark the first signs of Spring on Friday 25 March 2016 (Good Friday) we at Through Scarlett’s Eyes are launching ‘The Great Sunflower Race’. This online event is open to all who wish to participate! Unfortunately the date has passed to apply for seeds in the post but you can still join in. You can download our planting instructions and sunflower grow chart below. Download the Sunflower Grow Chart Download the Planting Instructions To take part in this great spring spectacular we would like you to post photos and share your measurements on our ‘sunflower score days’ so we can keep track of … Read more