Creating textured eggs with a child who is blind

With Easter time looming this gives plenty of opportunity to create some multi sensory themed textured eggs.  There are masses of ideas on the internet to creat not only textured eggs but noisy ones too, here is mine and Scarlett’s textured eggs project:     What you need: Plastic or fake foam eggs (much easier to work with than real) Gems Stickers Pipe cleaners Fury material Feathers Rice Pasta Bird Food How to create: For the purposes of our textured eggs project I decided I wanted to incorporate an additional learning element, so when I decorated the eggs I made … Read more

VICTA Christmas Competition

Decorate our VICTA Christmas tree for treats! For a few years now our VICTA Christmas tree has been looking a little sad and we need your help to spruce it up this year! We are running a competition in which we would like children of all ages to make a decoration to send in to us. We will then be decorating our tree throughout December and sharing photos on our website and social media for you all to see. There will be prizes for first, second and third place and a little treat for all the runners up to say thank … Read more

Top Tips for making Experience Bags, Boxes or Books

Fill bags or boxes or make a book with articles (on each page) relating to an ‘experience’ e.g. Going shopping, making a pizza, staying at Nana’s house, having a friend for tea. Teach and review (relive) concepts After an experience book/bag/box is made you can go back and “relive” what happened. This helps to review the important steps/concepts that are being taught. Reinforce language experiences It is always important to tie language to all experiences. If the child learned the name of the apple when you went to the shop and bought apples, there would be multiple times to use … Read more