Rody, Rody, don’t you stop!

Meet Rody, an inflatable horse (donkey). He is at once, a rocking horse, space hopper, climbing frame, airplane entertainer, seat on crowded subway, and Ronan’s best friend. Ronan first met Rody when he was 16 months old. We’d borrowed him from my brother when visiting. Now coming towards 3.5, Ronan still loves Rody. No matter where we are Ronan can get the movement that he needs, rocking back and forth or bouncing up and down. Rody has provided a productive outlet for Ronan’s need to rock, particularly in a confined space, like an airplane (yes – Rody fits in the … Read more

Toy Like Me Campaign

“Where are the blind fairies, wheelchair using pirates, superheroes with hearing aids, princesses with facial disfigurements?” As I was tidying up, I mean wading through what felt like a never ending sea of plastic, wood and noise emitting toys; my good friends words (above) were echoing through my head. My children have a wide array of toys, but it is true although Fred has lots of toys to help his development, none of them look like him! None of them come with the accessories he may use, a long cane, a guide dog or glasses. So I immediately used all … Read more