What a lovely smile- a creative writing piece by Megan Paul

  In the Shop I Come forward, the counter’s just in front of you. Thanks a lot. You have a lovely smile.   On the Bus I Would your dog like some biscuits? That’s very kind, but no thank you. But they’re cat biscuits.   On the Street I You’re doing really well, walking along on your own. Thanks. You too.   On My First Day At Secondary School Do you have other disabled students here? Disabled students? Of course not, we’re a grammar school.   On the Street II Do you want any help? Can you see if I’ve … Read more

Why braille is so essential to my life – By Jenny Langley

I have the eye condition Aniridia and my visual acuity has varied hugely over the years. Although I went to a school for children/young people with visual impairments from the age of 7 (was at mainstream until then) I was not allowed to learn braille until I was 14, as I was considered as having enough useful vision (2/60 in one eye, finger counting in the other) not to need to rely on braille and could cope fine with large text and the use of CCTVs etc. I had uncontrolled glaucoma despite numerous surgeries and therefore my parents were keen … Read more