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This post is about a great product that myself and Scarlett’s school have been using to help develop tactile skills and introduce Braille. There is a variety of uses for this great product to assist people with visual impairments. Talking Photo Albums allow for 6 minutes of recording time to accompany the images. A really useful product to help people stay independent.



  • 20 pages in a ‘flip style’ Album.
  • Each of the 20 pages will hold a single 5×7″ Photo or Image, (125x175mm).
  • Record a separate voice message on each page using the built-in microphone.
  • Total recording time: 6 minutes, maximum 18 seconds per page
  • Re-record as many times as you wish – reuse time and time again!
  • Each page has an individual PLAY/STOP Button.
  • Built-in Speaker
  • Black Hardback Cover.
  • Batteries are included and replaceable: 3 x AAA.
  • Recordings are preserved forever, even when batteries are replaced.
  • Size: 225 x 175 x 35mm Approx.

Priced at £22.95 and found on I have found this a really useful resource to use at home with Scarlett.  Constructed in school by the wonderful staff at Scarlett’s school it has given me a great opportunity to help Scarlett work on her tactile skills at home.

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Using different raised pictures Scarlett can explore the shapes with her fingers, listen to the recorded description of the items and touch the braille label attached at the end of the picture.

Scarlett is quite far off being able to read Braille and her reluctance to touch is causing some set backs.  But I am determined with early intervention and great ideas like the talking photo album we are getting one step closer to helping Scarlett understand.  It really maximizes a range of learning opportunities and for not much cost you can be as inventive with the album as possible!

Scarlett positively responds to the audio messages recorded by her wonderful teacher Helen, so I am hoping with tying in some real motivating factors in Scarlett’s life, her teacher’s voice, to skills that will help her gain independence and develop a love of reading.




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