Top 20 Read Posts of 2016!

Your Posts2016 was a great year for Through Scarlett’s Eyes, with more people visiting the website more than ever we have showcased some beautifully written and thought provoking work!

2016 was also a great year for external contributors, so I would like to say a big thank you to all of the people who gave up their time to plough their heart and soul into creating and sharing some of their life experiences. I personally feel that when you write something and share it with the virtual world it is like giving a little piece of yourself to the readers.

I am sure much of what has been written may have impacted a parent, family, child in some sort of way so thank you for your ongoing support of the Through Scarlett’s Eyes community

  1. 25 things only a mother of a child who is visually impaired would know
  2. Battling for answers – My quest for the none existent definitive
  3. How to make a ‘Sensory Garden Box’ for a child who is visually impaired
  4. Mia-May six months on – By Nick McDonald
  5. Scarlett in Wonderland
  6. Libraries with no Braille books – One mother’s fight to make the local libraries accessible for her daughters¬†
  7. I give you my eyes – A poem for Scarlett
  8. Ideas for making Elf on the Shelf accessible for children who have a visual impairment
  9. My daughter Ellie – By Chris Clark
  10. To fight or not? That is the question- By Christina Beeston
  11. Why I choose to write about my visually impaired daughter on the Internet
  12. Anopthalamic socket expansion and cranial osteopathy
  13. My life as a twenty year old living with a visual impairment – By Holly Tuke
  14. Top ten tips for living with a partially sighted person – By Liam Mackin
  15. Fostering positivity and confidence in your blind child – By Holly Scott-Gardner
  16. My life after I lost my sight at age nineteen – By Warren Wilson
  17. Taking a blind child to a music festival and making it fun and accessible
  18. Where I think you can stick your pity!
  19. My mistakes have made me – By Elin Williams
  20. Helping a blind child understand the senses at the farm

Here’s to an amazing 2017 for all of the members of the Through Scarlett’s Eyes community and their families! If you would like to contribute to all that is going on in 2018 please do get in touch, I would love to hear from you.


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