UK’s first online Visual Impairment Awareness Training


The first Visual Impairment awareness training course which can be taken online or through distance learning has been launched by Christopher Grange Visual Rehabilitation Centre.

The course, designed by the professional team of rehabilitation specialists, volunteers and service users is for anyone who may come into contact with a person who is visually impaired – as a customer, service user or student – and aims to provide the learner with the confidence to offer effective support.

The 11 modules, with exercises and questions, take people through the facts and figures about sight problems, discuss some of the myths and realities and also provide straightforward practical advice for making everyone’s lives easier.

“Almost two million people in the UK already have some level of sight loss, and this number’s increasing sharply” says Mike Bailey.  “We come across a lot of people who ask us about the visual impairment training course we deliver at Christopher Grange.  They cannot come here themselves, but they are very keen to find out the essentials of how to accommodate the needs of the people with visual impairment.”

Christopher Grange Visual Rehabilitation Centre already provides in house training for taxi drivers, medical students and businesses in the Merseyside area.  The new online course is available through NCC Resources and is backed by Visionary, the national membership organisation for local sight loss charities.  Visionary’s Chief Executive Alison Oliver commented,   “This is an exciting initiative that will help people to develop a broader understanding of visual impairment and improve their confidence when interacting with a person with sight loss. We at Visionary are very pleased to be able to support this” 

For further information contact: Mike Bailey 0151 220 2525

The Visual Impairment Awareness course has been produced to provide information and understanding to sighted people so that they can better understand and assist people who are visually impaired. The knowledge gained will enable the learner to communicate in a more effective way, with the visually impaired.

With almost two million people living in the UK currently with sight loss, it is important to be aware of visual impairment within our society.

The course has been designed for anyone in a work or social capacity who has the potential to come into contact with people who are visually impaired e.g. retail staff, care workers, education and training bodies, emergency services, hospital and health centre staff, housing associations, legal services, public sector workers, support organisations, leisure, transport bodies and breakdown services, friends, family members and partners.

It is also a means for those who wish to work supporting or rehabilitating people with a visual impairment to improve their knowledge of the subject.

The course teaches students how to minimise the barriers that those with a visual impairment face in their daily lives.

Course Contents includes 11 Modules on:

  1. Myths & Facts
  2. How the eye works / Eye Conditions
  3. Visual Impairment Registration
  4. Communication & Assistance
  5. Mobility
  6. Low Vision
  7. Assistive Equipment
  8. Technology
  9. Social Interaction & Leisure Recreation
  10. Legislation & Support
  11. Organisations & Support

With regard to the workbooks for £25.00 + P&P – NCC will supply to a purchasing organisation, the organisation will allocate a mentor/tutor who will support the learners and review their work. Once the learner(s) has completed their work to the satisfaction for the tutor/mentor, they will send back the Summary of Assessment document which is contained at the back of the Student Activities Workbook. This signed document, once received by NCC, will commence the multiple-choice examination process. NCC mail out the requested number of examination papers to the tutor/mentor along with invigilation instructions. The tutor/mentor invigilates the examinations and returns the papers to NCC for marking. NCC marks the papers and provides certification for those who have achieved 65% – 26 out of 40 questions. If a learner does not achieve the pass mark, a new examination paper is issued and the process continues until the learner achieves the required mark.

The online system (£20+VAT) contains the underpinning knowledge and takes the learner directly to the multiple-choice examination, they are not required to complete the activities or have a mentor in place, this is an ideal solution for individuals who wish to complete the course and may not have a supportive employer.

Once the learner achieves the appropriate pass mark, the certification can be processed.

For further information contact Mike Bailey  0151 220 2525


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